Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

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All week, Mark has been going on about this thing at the farm. He wasn’t really sure what it was, but it was on Saturday, maybe in the evening. He thought it might involve food…

By Saturday, this whole thing was barely on my radar, but finally, the morning of, I got some answers. It turned out we were headed to a potluck.

So of course we all know I was excited. I’ve been rambling on about a potluck for months. I didn’t even mind the scramble to find something to cook (ah-hem).

Really though, the scramble just meant that I had a great excuse to fall back on a favorite.

If there is one blog I use as a constant resource (a cookbook more than a blog) it’s Smitten Kitchen. I’m sure it’s not news to most of you that Deb’s incredibly tasty, highly vetted collection is nothing short of amazing (I kind of want to steal all of her recipes… and while I’m at it, make off with her incredible storytelling skills). Not one of her recipes has ever let me down… and this one is no exception.

Of course… poor Mark, he may never look at a carrot the same again.

I totally buy in to the Julia Child quote “…nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should.” So when Deb says you should grate the carrots by hand?

Well… I ask Mark to grate the carrots by hand.

Really, though… I’ve never made this cake with a food processor, so I can’t speak to the difference, but I believe wholeheartedly that the teeny tiny shreds of carrot you get when you use the small side of the cheese grater (and grate… and grate… and grate) allow for the truly incredible nature of this moist, mouth-watering, truly perfect carrot cake. If you’re looking for a recipe, seriously… stop with this one. It’s the best.


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    I think the little details like hand grated carrots can make all the difference. That cake looks sooooo goooood!

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    We were meant to be blog friends! I love Deb and her blog, SO MUCH! She is just the most charming blogger and her recipes never let me down (okay, once I made her swiss chard and white bean stew and I wasn’t a fan, but I should have known by the name). That carrot cakr sounds so amazing. WHY have I not eaten carrot cake in so long? I need to change this, and fast. And finally, I love that Julia Child’s quote. Like so much that I want to frame it and hang it in my kitchen.

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      I couldn’t agree more!! (I’m still giggling about Bill Nye btw ;)). And I was the same before I tried this cake… I hadn’t had a carrot cake in forever! It was somewhere in the realm of fruitcake for me… but now this one is a go-to recipe (along with a few others from Deb) so yummy. That quote is one of my favorites… and definitely one I try to live by… you have to send me a picture if you do frame it someday, it would be just perfect in a kitchen!!

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    wow – this looks amazing~ i think you have a second career calling your name right now 🙂

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      Juju — thank you!! You have no idea how much I would love that. 😉

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    This is too cute! I love the part about grating the carrots.

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    The whole thing sounds sooooo good!!! Wish I could a tasted it!

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    Smitten Kitchen is one of my fav food blogs! I’m sure the cake was a tad more delicious with the extra effort that went into making it 🙂

  8. rhiannonbs
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    You are the CUTEST! Seriously though.

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    Please excuse me while I wipe the drool of my keyboard so that I can type this comment–this looks AMAZING! And yeah, I feel the same way–if Deb says it’s worth it, it’s worth it.

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