Good Friday

my favorite things from around the web this week
It’s Good Friday! Are you desperately excited for Easter this weekend? I always love a good holiday. Will you fast today or attend mass?

I’m not particularly religious, but I do have a deep respect for the love and compassion that play such a central role in religious traditions such as Good Friday and Easter Sunday. And this week, so much more than others, I feel like I’ve seen that love and compassion in action. I’m honored to have so many friends who’ve displayed their red equal signs this week. Yes, we should speak loudly and often for the other causes we believe in, and we might not do it enough. But this week we did. It won’t make a difference in the Supreme Court’s decision, but when we don’t speak, it’s easy to forget how many of us are out there who care deeply about others’ rights. So thank you, it’s good to be reminded… my heart is full this Easter, and I think religion or no, that’s kind of the point… right?

Have an amazing Easter weekend! Here are a few of my favorites this week…

Sézane via Miss Moss.

Patagonia and pisco, three ways.

These shots that make me itch for a vacation.

This gorgeous blanket from Joinery.

Why the red equal sign matters.

Are you telling the right story of your life?

22 illustrated cheat sheets for basic kitchen techniques.

I reaaally wanna go to CAMP.

Bringing home the bacon as a blogger.

Always always always on board with an adult milkshake, especially when it has hot fudge.


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