How often do you have the itch to redecorate?

And how do you scratch it when the budget is low? Do you try to make a few small changes, maybe rearrange some furniture?  Do you buy new pillows, paint a wall, or browse the local yard sales?

Mark and I have lived in our house for close to three years now, and over that time we’ve barely made a change.  So lately we’ve been dying for a little bit of an update.

Right now we’re working on all of the above… and actually those yard sales have yielded some pretty exciting projects that I can’t wait to share. But the process is slow, and we have to be happy with just a little bit of a change here and there, knowing that one of these days we’ll be able to chip away at our wish list and make things look the way we want.

What creative things do you do when you start to have the itch?  Any ideas we should try?

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