Hello Friday

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Oh, Friday — thank you for being here!  I really needed you this week.  And I’m looking forward to a bright sunny weekend full of Cinco de Mayo and Derby celebrations — the icing on the cake!

Plus who knows, maybe we’ll have the first female Derby winner soon!  That would certainly be a milestone to celebrate.

In a world that has grown so much, it’s hard to think that there are still a few holdouts out there that believe women just can’t compete… or just want to hear the kissing noise.  The ladies should stick to the big hats and the juleps, amiright?  (Really though, I love me a fancy Derby hat, but when I googled “woman AND kentucky derby” this was my top result.  I’m rooting for you Rosie.)

How about you?  Will you tune in to the Derby this weekend?

Here are a few of my favorites this week…

Eye this handmade shoe collection, Olive Thomas, via Miss Moss.

Buy wrap bracelets – lots of wrap bracelets – for summer.

Make these watercolor escort cards.

Bake this white chocolate and walnut cake.

He was hilarious, but Obama wasn’t joking at the White House correspondents’ dinner.

This dad’s letter to his little girl about her future husband.

I have mixed feelings about a Downton Abbey fashion line, but I’m listening…

Social networks and body image… an interesting debate.

These cheap sunglasses.

How to set up a Facebook ad for your business.

5 tips for how to survive working for the man.


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