Live // Top 5 Green Modular Homes
(OR The Sexiest Mobile Homes You’ll Ever See)

marmol radziner prefab moab utahmarmol radziner prefab moab utah
Lately, Mark and I have been dreaming about buying a little piece of land and putting up a prefab home.

But don’t mistake what we mean by “prefab,” the days of the double wide are long gone.  Not that there’s anything wrong with a double wide — actually I spent my first few years in existence in one while my parents built our house.  Sometimes there’s nothing better, because a few years spent in something less than ideal can eventually yield your dream home.  But the thing is, these days you really don’t have to settle for anything less than ideal.  In fact, you can get a pretty good start on a dream home right now for around $100-$150k.  Of course, it’s easy to spend a whole lot more (see above) but the options are out there.  Tons of them.

These are a few of our favorite green modular homes that run anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands… there really is something for every budget.

Now to find that perfect piece of land…

marmol radziner prefab moab utah
1 // Marmol Radziner Prefab

Marmol Radziner offers four different highly customizable home styles that start between $200-$400/square foot.  And if one of their concepts doesn’t work for you, don’t worry a bit… they’ll hook you up with a complete custom design.

ma modular luna
2 // MA Modular

I won’t lie — this one is our favorite.  MA Modular offers ten gorgeous prefab homes with options for semi-custom and custom design.  But the best part?  The homes are both all-inclusive (which means that there aren’t any hidden costs and the standard options are gorgeous) and insanely affordable.  Their standard homes start at $140 a square foot.

michelle kaufmann studio 101
3 // Studio 101 Designs

These beautiful homes were designed by Michelle Kaufmann, who is famous for her efforts to make green living a more affordable option… and who just plain does some incredibly beautiful work.  Studio 101 Designs offers three different homes that, again, are highly customizable… and the smallest starts at just $66.5k.  What do you think about that for affordable?

clayton i-house
4 // Clayton Homes’ i-house

Clayton has been in the modular home business for over four decades, so they know what’s up.  Their retro little i-home is chock full of green features and can be arranged in a variety of layouts.  Final cost, which depends on all of the options chosen, starts at around $120k.

blu homes origin
5 // Blu Homes

Last but nowhere near least, Blu Homes offers eight customizable options, and even a matching garage.  Their prices start at $130k and rise quickly from there… but they are truly beautiful, and style-wise, there’s a little bit for everyone at Blu.  Just look at this little barn-like Lofthouse.  Isn’t it perfect?

You know how much I love the barn style.

So what do you think?!  Do you have a favorite?  Would you buy a plot of land and plunk one of these down?  Even if it was a little on the small side? 

You could always build on later, after all!


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