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My day to day // Keeping up with work, life, and everything in between

my day to day schedule / a thousand threads
Since I run this blog and work a full-time job, I get asked a lot about my schedule, work-life balance, and how I fit it all in.

I also get asked a lot about my commute, which is about an hour and a half each way, split between a short drive and a slightly longer train ride (although when the traffic feels the need to reach out and ruin my day, that short drive can easily become a whole lot longer…).

I won’t lie and say its easy, but I’m also the kind of person who thrives on being busy… so I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Here’s what my schedule looks like day to day…

///// Monday /////
I’m lucky right now to work a flex schedule that allows me to condense my work week into four 10-hour days. That doesn’t mean I’m not available for phone calls or even the occasional assignment on my day off (Monday) but it does mean that at least I can do it from home, which saves me about 3 hours of round-trip commuting time to DC.

Instead, I use my Mondays to work on the blog. I catch up on email, shoot pictures for posts, and try to prep as much as I can for the week ahead.

Since I’m home, I also try to use the time to tidy up the house and get things in order. If bills are due I’ll pay them then. If we need groceries I’ll run to the store.

The rest of my week is so frenzied, Monday sort of becomes a catch-all.

///// Tuesday & Wednesday /////
Normal work days.

I wake up around 6 (5 if it’s a running day), get dressed and in the car by 7-730 (more often than not it’s 730, but that means I’m running a little late and might end up on the last train), get into the office by around 9 and stay until around 7. Most days I don’t take a real lunch (I know… sad desk lunches aren’t glamorous at all, but such is my life). Then I head home, walking through the door at around 830… at which point I immediately put on the comfiest clothes I can find.

From 830-10 (or so) I work on the next day’s post, editing pictures and writing the text. If I’m up past 10, Mark might head off to bed without me. If I’m beat too, the writing might spill over into my 45 minute train ride the next morning.

///// Thursday /////
Same deal, but I have an Everygirl post to write and edit in addition to my own. I’m almost never in bed by 10.

///// Friday /////
On Friday nights I try to relax. Work is the same schedule, but nothing is due the next day. We get Austin in bed around 8, then we catch up on the DVR… probably with a beer or a glass of wine in hand.

///// Saturday & Sunday /////
On Saturdays and Sundays, family plans take precedence over anything else — and we usually have a lot of them. The good thing is, these often include eating tasty food or having fun parties with friends… so Mark brings along a camera and freaks everyone out, and then we make sure the shots go up on the blog. (I try not to post anything I think they’d hate.)

Right now I also have a long run to get in, which I usually do on Sundays. Mark and I pack up the car and head somewhere with mile-markers (the Capital Crescent Trail is a favorite) and I plug away at it for a couple hours while he tools around on his bike. Then we usually have a nice (but not too nice, I’m sweaty and look like death) lunch and head home to rest.

Sometimes on the weekends I have a big post planned and need Mark’s help. Since he’s home, we’ll make a day of it… and because we really enjoy being together, no matter what we’re up to, it’s pretty great. (Honestly it might even be better when we’re able to create something amazing together.)

And during the weekend, no matter how busy we are, we almost always try to get in something special just for us. Whether it’s dinner at our favorite restaurant or a movie night in, we try to make sure we take time away, just for each other. It’s the best part of my week, and something I hope we can remember to do always.

In addition to everything else, I try to fit in a little time to write whenever I can. And, of course, things always come up, but — largely due to the fact that I have so much support at home — I’m able to get it all in and still have the time to occasionally spend an entire day catching up on Downton Abbey. I deal with work-life balance by incorporating as much of my life into my work as I possibly can, and try to always have fun along the way.

The second it stops being fun is the second I have to take another look… but for now (and hopefully for always) the benefits continue to outweigh the costs.

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