My summer makeup routine

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, I do love the dramatic way the seasons change, all wild and wooly, with summer rushing in in the blink of an eye… and I love the pomp and circumstance that comes along with the shift.

I love putting away my sweaters and scarves, only to discover them, like new, when the seasons change again. I love moving from spice and quintessential comfort food in the winter to sweet, bright and fresh meals in the spring. And I love changing up my makeup routine… because, for me, the coming of summer means greeting a fresher and easier way of life. Maybe that’s because I work in Washington where things always seem to slow down (even when we say that they don’t) or maybe because the warm weather just makes everything move a little bit slower.

Whatever it is, I look forward to it every year.

So I thought I’d share my summer makeup routine today to start to will in the transition, because if there’s anything I’m ready for now… it’s definitely my summer skin (even if the tan I’ll surely be proud of is only a slightly darker shade of pale). I partnered with bareMinerals to share my routine because I’ve used their products for years, and love them both for the way they feel on my face and the totally natural look that they have. There’s nothing better when you want a little bit of a pared down look, and that’s just what I want when the weather gets warm.

So here we go. I won’t claim to be an expert, and I’d try to be all cool and pretend I don’t need anything to cover up my naked face, but as you’ll see below, I totally do…

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
Okay so there it is. Yikes. That’s me without makeup above.

Let’s get rid of that big grey under-eye circle look, shall we?

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
All year round, after washing my face I’ll usually start with a slathering of lotion and a little bit of a BB Cream (no specific brand, I’ve been jumping around but I do like the effect).

Then I’ll build my base with foundation.

I never wear a whole lot of makeup — I don’t think I ever learned how to and honestly I just don’t like the way it all feels on my face. Which is why I love two things here: bareMinerals’ new bareSkin foundation, and foundation brushes. Brushes are amazing for getting great coverage without feeling like your makeup is caked on. And bareMinerals just makes the whole effect that much better by keeping their products light on the cake factor and great on the coverage.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
That’s better.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
Even though this particular foundation pretty much does the job, my little miracle product is Trish McEvoy’s instant eye lift. I have some pretty nasty dark circles, and it clears them up better than anything I’ve ever tried.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
After that, things start to get really easy.

I love love love NARS’ “The Multiple” because I can use it all over my face. In the summer I’ll sweep some on my cheeks, eyelids, chin and forehead and go. No eyeshadow necessary.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
Then I’ll work on my eyebrows… which feels necessary even though I’ll admit I struggle like crazy with the process. It’s so hard to get right. I love a good pencil with a brush though, and usually use Lancome’s.

Someone once told me that the trick is to brush your eyebrows down, then line against the grain, then brush them back up — and it really does work great, even if I am still trying to perfect it.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
Then, since it’s summer and I’m usually a little shiny, I’ll brush on some powder.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
And throw on a little mascara.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
And that’s it!

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
It’s not much, but it makes the difference I need and it feels like nothing… which is just the way I like it.

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
Tell me, do you change up your routine in the summer. What do you change? And what are some of your favorite beauty tips?

This post is sponsored by bareMinerals, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep A Thousand Threads alive and well.

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  1. Posted May 8, 2014 at 11:03 am | Permalink

    Hello, stunner–you look beautiful (with or without makeup, truth be told)! So glad someone else’s brows drive them bananas…the best thing about bangs was not having to really deal with my brows!

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