Overnight cider & rye

overnight cider & rye // a thousand threads
Early on, one of the first hikes Mark and I took together was on Sugarloaf Mountain, which is just about the most perfect place in the world when the leaves are at their best.

But when he proposed the trip, Mark didn’t just promise me leaves… he also promised me cider at the bottom of the hill — and I don’t think I need to explain the absolute joy that goes hand in hand with any mention of fall leaves and hot cider.

… so we packed our things and headed out for a nice fall day outside.

And it really was perfect. There were leaves, views… everything a girl could want.

Except cider.

The sadness hit hard.

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Elizabeth Graeber

elizabeth graeber // field + foundry // a thousand threads
File this under “incredible friends we’re so honored to have.”

I’ve admired Elizabeth Graeber’s work for longer than I can remember, so I was so incredibly excited when she agreed to join us for our DC Field + Foundry event. (Actually I had the chance to meet both of these lovely ladies this weekend — such a treat for a pie lady such as myself.) But I was beyond tickled when she posted her sketch of the event. All of the little bits and pieces are there, especially the wonderful people.

… and of course, the honey butter. The honey butter is a must.

I’m so honored to have filled a little portion of this brilliant lady’s sketchbook.

… if you don’t already know her, be sure to check out more of her amazing work here. And if you’re local, drop by West Elm, where her work is offered alongside a select group of talented makers local to the DC area.


52 dates // 43

52 dates // frederick // a thousand threads
The date // A walk in downtown Frederick.

The day after our third Field + Foundry event was a good one… we slept in, woke up slowly, had our coffee in bed, and when we finally did wander out of the house, it was with little on the agenda but a stroll through downtown.

So many great new shops have opened up in Frederick over the past year, and it feels like the landscape has changed significantly… but we haven’t had much time to explore. So we had fun catching up on the awesome wares at Citizen Frederick, Relish, Treaty, and so many more.

The air is getting colder, life is getting slower, and I’m looking forward to many more quiet weekends as we recover from a busy summer and plan our next move… how about you? Are you ready for a quiet winter? Or with the holidays on their way, is life just about to speed up?

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52 dates // 42

dc date // a thousand threads
The date // A night in DC.

One farmer’s market, two parties, fifty leather pouches (ahem… okay about thirty-five that turned out), multitudes of meetings, and one husband and one wife who’ve learned to be sure to savor every little second alone…

This week, on top of prep for our third Field + Foundry event this weekend, we’ve had plans almost every night.

So since one of those plans — the exciting opening night celebration of West Elm’s new Logan Circle store — took us down to DC, we made the best of the moment and took some extra leisurely time to enjoy the city.

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Artifact Uprising Giveaway!

artifact uprising // a thousand threads
I feel lucky to live in an era where we can take as many pictures as we want, and keep them filed away without always needing to pay for printing or find another big box (we’d have so many…).

But with that said, there’s nothing like a printed photograph… and these days it’s harder and harder to find a really high-quality option to print.

That’s why I’m in love with Artifact Uprising and everything they do. They’ve been so wonderful in working with us on Field + Foundry, and when they offered to do a giveaway for all of you, of course I jumped at the chance!

Enter after the jump for a chance to win one of these gorgeous postcard packs… I just love the way they make our photos from Europe look, and I can’t wait to order myself another pack for Christmas cards!

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Camping with United by Blue

camping with united by blue // a thousand threads
A few weeks ago, I was excited to find a unique invitation in my inbox from United by Blue. A group of ladies from the brand wondered if I’d be interested in joining an even bigger group of ladies from around the area for some hiking, campfires, and of course, s’mores… basically all of the things I love most.

This wouldn’t be glamping, they wanted to do it up right… and I was ecstatic to join.

So what do you get when you put a group of lady bloggers out in the woods for a weekend of roughing it in the rain, cold, and snow?

Well it turns out you get a pretty badass camping trip. More badass than I even could have imagined.

… it’s possible that you might also get a pissed off park ranger, but neveryoumind.

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Camp weekend

// a thousand threads
More than ever, Mark and I know we have so, so much to be thankful for — especially all of you and your kind words these past few days. Thank you, as always, for being there with us. It means so much.

And speaking of thanks, I’m busy gathering my gear — and mixing up some cider and rye — for a weekend of camping with an amazing group of friends, both old and new.

It’s been far too long since I’ve spent a night under the stars. I’m a little sad not to be taking my favorite camp partner along with me — but when United by Blue wrote with an invite, I won’t lie, I might’ve squealed a little. What’s better than camping, hiking, and potlucking around the campfire? Nothing in this girl’s book…

I can’t wait to share all of the details of our badass lady weekend next week!


Eye these beautiful photos of Helen Levi by Nicole Franzen.

Buy these boots I’m coveting.

Make these cute treat boxes for Halloween.

Bake this easy pear tart.

The lazy girl’s (me) guide to de-wrinkling clothes.

We already identify the best schools, what do you think about pointing out the worst?

These great covered bowls.

Homemade corn dogs omg.

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52 dates // 41

barbara fritchie // 52 dates // a thousand threads
The date // Breakfast at The Fritch.

The Barbara Fritchie is a once-great Frederick institution that hasn’t changed in at least 50 years.

The charm of the era it was born in still remains (… along with more than a few of the original clientele) even if it is a little rough around the edges. And it’s become one of our favorite places for a simple breakfast, a cup of coffee, and maybe even a piece of pie.

So this week, with a full schedule on our plates, we decided to wake up extra early and sneak away to our favorite little Frederick diner… still just as great as ever, just maybe in a slightly different way.

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Things to be thankful for

ombre carrots // a thousand threads
I’m guilty of not sharing a real-life update with you all in a while – I’ve been sharing the pretty, easy things instead. But these beautiful carrots reminded me that we’re long overdue.

Our lives are still in limbo, caught somewhere between greatness and complete and total terror… hoping to scratch our way out of the darkness sometime soon.

When we left for Europe, we were certain Mark had a job lined up for his return. But after some time waiting around for the reality to materialize, we’ve found ourselves back at square one. I won’t ramble on about the worry or the stress, because I’m sure you already know. A month, maybe two… that’s manageable. Going on three with no end in sight… suffice to say it sucks.

But, though it might feel a little early for thanks, we’ve also been reminded — so many times over these past few months — why thanks is never really limited to that one day a year.

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paris // a thousand threads
Of all of the places we visited this summer, I feel the deepest connection with Ireland… which should come as no surprise. My grandmother was Irish, and I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Ireland feels like home.

That said, I have to admit that the place I was most excited to take Mark to was Paris. As a little girl, I always wanted to visit, but as a teenager, my mind wandered off to more exotic places… feeling certain that the Paris everyone carries on about would let me down. Then, in my early 20s, I found myself there…

And in many ways I mean that completely.

I actually had a terrible experience on my first trip to Paris and a huge falling out with a relative that’s never been fully repaired…

But in the moments before and after, I wandered the city by foot and by train, to the catacombs, the streets of Montmartre, and all the way out to Versailles. I sat in Marie Antoinette’s garden and cried for the mess my life was at that moment, and felt hopeful for what I knew it had to become. I sipped wine, smoked at cafes (part of the mess I left behind…), and indulged in the beautiful food and the beautiful shopping just down the street from my tiny hotel on rue Saint-Honoré.

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