Days 5-6 // Donegal, Galway, & Doolin

donegal, galway, & doolin // a thousand threads
Our days spent driving the west coast of Ireland were without a doubt some of the most breathtaking I’ve experienced.

From the deep blues and greens of the Slieve League Cliffs to the vast expanse of The Burren, and warm, cozy towns in between… this little piece of the world felt like heaven, especially as we all began to sink into the ease of vacation that sets in slowly, sometime after the rabid excitement of the first few days has its fill.

Somewhere along the way I melted my curling iron and lost my brush and my laptop cord — but, at least at this moment, I didn’t care a bit…

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Days 3-4 // Northern Ireland (+ The Hill of Slane)

northern ireland // a thousand threads
I’ve always liked to think of myself as a fairly well-informed world citizen… or at least informed at all. Not so charmed as to think that every country is like my own. But I’m ashamed to say that prior to visiting Belfast, I had no idea just how real Northern Ireland’s decades-old, and decades (I thought) dead conflict still is, both in the minds of those who lived it, and in the lives of those who continue to live it today.

While the Good Friday Agreement may have transformed The Troubles into a different beast, waged on the political stage and behind closed doors, on the streets of Belfast, much of the violence still remains.

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Days 1-2 // Dublin

dublin // what to see and what to skip // a thousand threads
Are you ready? Because over these next few days I have a whole lot of sharing to do. I won’t cover our trip day by day, but I would like to go through a few at a time (we have so many pictures!) and, of course, point out some our favorite restaurants and places to visit along the way! We had such an amazing time and discovered so many places I wish I could visit every single day (just looking at the picture above it kills me that I don’t live closer to Wildflour Bakery or Love Supreme.

… then again, maybe it’s best I don’t have access to all of that deliciousness on a daily basis. Among my many lovely souvenirs, I may have brought back five solid, happy pounds of fresh fish, pasta, Guinness, and sweet treats on my thighs. I’ll cherish them always.

(Okay hopefully not…)

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52 dates // 37

52 dates // a thousand threads
The date // Home sweet home and a drive through the hills.

I remember being a kid and going for drives with my parents, confused as to why anyone would want to wander around aimlessly like that. Now that I’m older, I understand the urge.

This weekend, between nursing a cold and prepping for our next Field + Foundry event, Mark and I were ready for a little bit of down time. So we decided to go for a drive through the Catoctin Mountains… stopping whenever it struck our fancy.

We dreamed dreams of the future and made plans to make them come true, and enjoyed just being back in our beautiful neck of the woods. It’s amazing to have the chance to travel, but there’s nothing like coming home.

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Grilled peach tartine on Little White Whale

grilled peach tartine // a thousand threads for little white whale
Happy Friday! While I work on fighting off a nasty little bug that followed me home from France, head on over to Little White Whale for this delicious grilled peach tartine.

And have an amazing weekend! Soak up some of the last few rays of summer while you snack on this deliciousness for me.


52 dates // 35 + 36

antibes, france // a thousand threads
The dates // Our last few days in Nice and Paris.

I think if anything could qualify for multiple dates, it’s our final few days of vacation.

We’re still combing through something like a million and five pictures, so I’ll be sharing lots more next week. But here’s a little sneak peek (in addition to this post and, of course, everything you’ve already seen on Instagram) of what we’ve been up to these past few weeks…

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Blackberry bliss smoothie from This Little Street

Hi! This is Audrey from This Little Street. Is Laicie so lucky to be traveling to France and Ireland? I lived in both places, and I know she’s in for a treat! Talking about treats, here’s a fall favorite – I call it the Blackberry Bliss smoothie.

Bliss because blackberries already remind me of my childhood summers growing up in France. My parents had the biggest blackberry bush by their vegetable garden – the kind of berries that are the perfect combination of being sweet and sour all at once – and I have countless memories of afternoons spent picking these big juicy berries. Let’s just say that not all of them ended in my basket, mmmmmm ok? :)

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Wild side wallpaper from Cocorrina

live the wild side of life desktop wallpaper // cocorrina for a thousand threads
Hello dear friends! It’s Corina from Cocorrina today, taking over for Laicie!

Lately, i’ve been finding nothing more inspiring than living extreme. Adventures and adrenaline, is what makes us feel most alive, what wakes us up. So here’s a little words of inspiration for you, to remember living the life to the fullest, and experiencing the wild side of it!

Download the desktop wallpaper here – or use the shot above on your iPhone!

live the wild side of life desktop wallpaper // cocorrina for a thousand threads
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Healthy fig newton smoothie from Healthfully Ever After

healthy fig newton smoothie // healthfully ever after for a thousand threads
When Laicie asked me to whip up something to post during her European travels, I knew immediately I needed to make a riff on a tasty baked treat. When I think Laicie, I think baking. In fact, the first time we met each other, we were doing what we both love to do best: eating local food outside. And during our most recent gathering at Field and Foundry, she brought lemon hand pies while her husband Mark taught us how to make sourdough bread. She’s basically the best person to know. Everyone needs a Laicie.

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Brilliant blue interior inspiration from Thou Swell

brilliant blues // thou swell for a thousand threads
I’ve always loved the idea of a color palette being inspired by gem-tones – emeralds, rubies, and deep sapphire blues, but blue particularly sticks out as an easy color to work into any room because it’s subdued and oh so versatile. I combed through Pinterest for different ways designers have incorporated blue into interiors, whether it be in the details or as a main element of the room. Check out this bluesy inspiration…

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