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giant's causeway // 52 dates // a thousand threads
The date // Playtime on the Giant’s Causeway.

Happy Friday, and happy Labor Day weekend! I’m missing the festivities, but we’ve had plenty of our own here in Ireland… pub crawls, amazing meals, eye-opening tours, and so much more I can’t wait to tell you all about when we come back.

For now, I’m just checking in to tell you about one tiny little bit of fun we had along the way.

When I asked Mark what he wanted to see in Ireland, he had just one thing on his list: the Giant’s Causeway. The incredible natural formation on the northern coast seems like it was carved out of stone in the same way the perfect Incan ruins were carved at Machu Picchu… each stone fitting together just right.

So of course we made sure to stop — and while we were there we took some time to wander off and play by the water on one of the most gorgeous days we’ve seen so far.

Have an amazing weekend, and stop by next week for even more amazing guest posts! We have some really good stuff still to come.

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Balsamic Fig & Goat Cheese Crostini from Lovely Indeed

balsamic fig & goat cheese crostini // lovely indeed for a thousand threads
Hey gang! It’s Chelsea from Lovely Indeed, and I’m so happy to be popping by while Laicie is having her great adventure.

My brother-in-law has this most beautiful fig tree in his backyard, and the last time I visited there were some late summer figs just begging to be made into something. They were there on the low branches, staring me in the face, daring me to fix up something delicious. My pregnant self is just craving all of that soft cheese that you’re not supposed to eat, but I found this magical pasteurized goat cheese and it seemed like just the thing to pair with those figs. These little crostini are so perfect for a simple end-of-summer celebration; I can just imagine munching away on them, catching up in the backyard with friends, and reminiscing about all of the beautiful things this summer brought.

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The very best Portland sweets from Endlessly Enraptured

the very best Portland sweets // endlessly enraptured for a thousand threads
If you happen to read Endlessly Enraptured or follow my Instagram feed, then you know my husband and I have a passion for sweets. I wanted to take a bit of time today to share a few of our favorite places in Portland to get your sugar fix.

Bakeshop (above) is a special place run by special people. We can never pass up their delicate hand pies or nutella puffs. Oh, and if you happen to be in the mood for something savory, I highly recommend their ham and cheese croissant. They make the best I’ve ever had.

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Printable pie boxes from Little White Whale

free printable pie boxes
Hi everyone! I’m Gloria from Little White Whale, and I’m so excited to be filling in for Laicie while she’s off on her exciting European adventure!

Baking has never been my strong suit, despite my best efforts. The idea of making dough intimidates the hell out of me, I’m a sloppy measurer, and I think it’s totally fine to substitute ingredients on a whim (apparently it’s not). Since Laicie’s baking skills are light years ahead of my own, I decided to whip up some sweet treats for you all the best way I know how…

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And we’re off!

// a thousand threads
We’re settled in all cozy at the airport, and in no time at all we’ll be on our way to Dublin!

I’ll be back here and there with updates, but for the most part I’ve lined up some truly amazing guest posts that I can’t wait to share. So keep checking back in, and of course be sure to follow along on Instagram for pics from the road (and to follow along with #30daystobalance)!

Have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you all soon!


Eye this inspiring home.

Buy everything from Millay Vintage.

Make over a picnic table.

Bake this amazing pasta dish.


This marmot.

Millennials are basically awesome.

These doughnuts sound crazy good.

What to do when it feels like nobody knows who you are (online, that is).

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Finding balance in the busy trap // #30daystobalance

#30daystobalance // a thousand threads
It probably goes without saying that over these past few months, we haven’t exactly been putting our health first. Dough Uprising, Field + Foundry, this blog, our full-time jobs, keeping up with Austin… eventually something slips, and our “something” has been exercise, eating right, doing things like getting haircuts and cutting our nails (ew, but really).

Sometimes it takes a shakeup to make you realize just how badly you’ve been treating yourself… and how neglected you really feel.

So, since we’re about to head out on vacation and I’m suddenly faced with a whole big bunch of time to make a real effort to unwind, and since I usually have a hard time actually doing that, I thought I’d make all of this into a little bit of a game.

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DIY linen napkins

diy linen napkins // a thousand threads
Linen napkins – especially washed linen like these – are my very favorite. They’re just one little element, but they can have such a big impact on a table. So when we decided to plan three Field + Foundry dinners this fall, I knew we had to have them.

There’s just one problem – everybody else likes them too, which means they can be crazy expensive.

Luckily, thanks to my 4-H days, I knew I could at least turn on and operate a sewing machine — even if I wasn’t so sure I could sew in a straight line (I’m still not) — so I dusted the old guy off and went to work.

With just a few yards of linen (around $100) I was able to whip up 30 custom napkins. And straight lines or no, if we hadn’t told folks they were handmade they might never have known.

Follow along below for instructions on how to make your own…

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52 dates // 33

52 dates // a thousand threads
The date // A trip to the driving range.

I always love those stories where they ask successful people about their summer jobs. The answers are all over the place — giant chickens, corn shuckers, roller-skating sperm.

Once upon a time, in a land far from here, I spent my summers as a caddy. Trudging along in the warm summer sun, carrying bags as big as myself, watching Happy Gilmore at least a thousand times while I waited around in the caddyshack (also Caddyshack).

It was a really well-paying job for a high school kid, and how can you complain when your work involves spending the whole summer outside?

The only problem is that after just a few summers spent caddying, I will be forever cursed with a completely terrible, awful, inability to play love of golf. Luckily, Mark is also terrible loves it too, so we try to get out and golf as much as we can to try to improve our awful game because we love it so much.

So this weekend we pulled out our dusty clubs, dusted off our creaky, lazy shoulders, and even managed to hit one or two balls where we meant to.

Do you play? And did you have a summer job as a kid? I’d love to hear all about it!

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One more week

// a beautiful profile of amanda jane jones, a cowhide clutch, calligraphy lessons, and cantaloupe ginger ice cream
This time next week, we’ll be in Dublin. Meaning two things: 1 // I’m basically useless at this point and 2 // my to-do list is longer than ever.

Thank goodness for weekends and the time to catch up!

… hope you’re having a good one so far!


Eye this beautiful profile of Amanda Jane Jones in Mother Mag.

Buy this amazing cowhide clutch.

Make some prettier mail with these calligraphy tips.

Bake this insanely good-sounding salted cantaloupe & ginger ice cream.


Apparently when scientists put a loud ticking clock next to your ear hole, all your standards go out the window in favor of babies. Babies now.

Chocolate legos!

Everything about this made me laugh out loud.

A few good photography tips.


How to take a super professional headshot for your super serious job

// how to take a super professional headshot for your super serious job // a thousand threads
A recent invitation to speak made it all too clear that my professional headshot was starting to look a little worse for wear. So Mark and I pulled out the camera, and now my professional Twitter and LinkedIn pages are all shiny and new.

But the process wasn’t easy, so I thought I’d share a little bit a tutorial here. Read on to see how we pulled it off…

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