Campanelle with burrata cheese, lemon, and garlic

campanelle with burrata cheese, lemon, and garlic // a thousand threads
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a total carb addict. Make me a good pasta and you’ve got me for life.

So it’s no surprise that the guy who really did get me for life makes a really, REALLY, mean pasta. I mean sure he’s nice , but I didn’t know what good marinara really was until I met this guy — I couldn’t let him go.

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Field + Foundry with Bing // Baltimore

field + foundry with bing // baltimore // a thousand threads
Our second Field + Foundry event took place in Baltimore in a beautiful little space called The Chicken Box that, once upon a time, really was.

With a long history as both a chicken restaurant and a Chinese restaurant, in recent years The Chicken Box was lucky enough to be adopted by the Station North Arts and Entertainment District and converted into a temporary arts space. This awesome group — the same folks behind Baltimore’s incredible Open Walls project — rent the space from the city for just $1 a month while the building remains vacant, and they were kind and generous enough to let us take it over for the night.

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52 dates // 39 + Bespoke Global + A giveaway!

52 dates + bespoke global // a thousand threads
The date // A picnic and a paddle on the lake.

One of our favorite things to do any time of the year, but especially in the fall when the weather is just right, is to take our canoe out on the lake. So this weekend we teamed up with Bespoke Global to do it in style.

Their pretty paddles helped us glide around on one of the most beautiful fall days we’ve had yet… with barely a whisper of wind to slow us down.

After, we found ourselves a tree to rest under and enjoyed a little picnic — rounding out our busy weekend with some time to just sit back and breathe.

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Catching up

// a thousand threads
Well hey there! I feel like we’ve hardly had time to catch up. I was so excited to tell you all about our trip that I’ve barely covered anything we’ve been up to since…

Next week I have some super exciting things coming your way, including pictures from our second Field + Foundry event in Baltimore — which we’ve been totally and completely insanely busy with these past two weeks, and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. I’m actually dying over here waiting to share all of the details, especially Reema’s gorgeous shots.

First, though, we have a pretty exciting giveaway coming up on Monday, so you’ll definitely want to check back.

… and in the mean time, it’s possible I might decide to tease a few of those gorgeous shots on Instagram, so stay tuned!

And tell me, are you loving that fall is here? It’s my favorite east coast season by far. Any big plans for the weekend? Catch me up!


Eye Beth Kirby’s picture perfect kitchen redesign by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Buy some wooden glasses.

Make this little necklace.

Bake these laminated nutella morning buns.


Since I basically idolize this lady, Joanna Goddard’s 10 lessons she’s learned in her career.

This is just the prettiest little pie.

I don’t know if you are, but I certainly am.

I couldn’t agree more, Bill.


52 dates // 38

52 dates // toki underground // a thousand threads
The date // Dinner at Toki Underground.

Every time we go to New York, we talk about trying Totto Ramen. And every time, we wimp out… the line is just. so. long.

But we have to get our ramen fix somehow… so last night Mark met me after work (flowers in hand) and we wandered down to H Street for some fried chicken steam buns and kimchi ramen.

The night was rainy and we were in need of a little lazy break after a big week of Field + Foundry work, so the warm soup hit the spot.

… and the miso chocolate chip cookies didn’t hurt either.

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Day 10 // Co. Cork

kinsale, ireland // a thousand threads
On our last full day in Ireland, we visited County Cork.

It wasn’t so long ago, probably right there in Cobh, that my great grandfather stowed away on a ship bound for the United States, and the course of our family’s history was changed. Patrick O’Shea settled down on a little hill in Oregon without a real road. He walked where he needed to go, and there in that house without the real road, he raised my grandmother.

Eventually she moved to the bottom of the little hill, over the river and through the woods, and a new home, my home, replaced my great grandfather’s house.

… at some point, they carved out a little road.

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Day 9 // The Gap of Dunloe

gap of dunloe // a thousand threads
The Gap of Dunloe was so beautiful I decided it had to have its own post.

Of course, sort of like the Cliffs of Moher (which we missed completely because of the fog), we weren’t so sure we’d be able to see it.

We visited the Gap of Dunloe on what we thought would be a gorgeous, sunny morning on our way from Killarney to Kinsale.

Unfortunately, as we drove closer to the place where we would park and walk in, the sky began to grow dark…

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Days 7-8 // Dingle

dingle, ireland // a thousand threads
I grew up in a small town on the coast of Oregon that, according to family lore, my great grandfather chose to settle down in because it reminded him of home.

Technically home was County Cork — so I can’t account for the logic here — but even just looking at these pictures, Dingle makes me long for my own. Maybe it’s because in many ways, Dingle is more like my most perfect, utopian vision of home, with picturesque fishing boats in the harbor and beautiful windy beaches at the shore.

In reality, Coos Bay is perhaps a little more depressed, suffering from a downturn in shipping activity, with too many hard-working loggers and fishermen struggling to make ends meet. Though Ireland’s economy has seen its share of sadness in recent years, Dingle is a thriving town with a bounty of delicious food, beautiful sights, and one famous dolphin that keep the visitors coming back for more.

Perfect little cheese shops, bustling bars, and the nicest people — I dare say the nicest even in Ireland, where the competition is fierce — are just a few of the many things that make Dingle one of my favorite places in the world.

Maybe in another life, if I’d been the one to stow away on a ship (as my great grandfather did) and sail off to Ireland I might have chosen Dingle as the perfect place to settle down.

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Days 5-6 // Donegal, Galway, & Doolin

donegal, galway, & doolin // a thousand threads
Our days spent driving the west coast of Ireland were without a doubt some of the most breathtaking I’ve experienced.

From the deep blues and greens of the Slieve League Cliffs to the vast expanse of The Burren, and warm, cozy towns in between… this little piece of the world felt like heaven, especially as we all began to sink into the ease of vacation that sets in slowly, sometime after the rabid excitement of the first few days has its fill.

Somewhere along the way I melted my curling iron and lost my brush and my laptop cord — but, at least at this moment, I didn’t care a bit…

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Days 3-4 // Northern Ireland (+ The Hill of Slane)

northern ireland // a thousand threads
I’ve always liked to think of myself as a fairly well-informed world citizen… or at least informed at all. Not so charmed as to think that every country is like my own. But I’m ashamed to say that prior to visiting Belfast, I had no idea just how real Northern Ireland’s decades-old, and decades (I thought) dead conflict still is, both in the minds of those who lived it, and in the lives of those who continue to live it today.

While the Good Friday Agreement may have transformed The Troubles into a different beast, waged on the political stage and behind closed doors, on the streets of Belfast, much of the violence still remains.

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