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We’ve moved!

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Exciting things are happening. Come visit us at our new site, Holson House, and continue to follow along with us there!


Finding the spark

ireland // a thousand threads
I’ve been writing you love letters in my sleep, dear readers… penning the most beautiful things I can only half remember once I’m awake. Blame it on the mess of a house, the morning sickness, or just a general feeling of malaise and repetition when I flip on my screen, but I’ve been searching for the spark now for months… maybe a year. Feeling stuck and mostly uninspired… but longing for the same drive I’ve felt so many times before.

While backed up against this roadblock, we’ve also set about searching for our next steps… and though maybe they’ve been clear all along, it took some time before we were ready to accept them and move forward. We stepped gingerly ahead, into a rebranding project we knew was the right move, but kept one foot in the past.

That’s not the plan anymore. The sparks are coming… slowly, and sometimes while we sleep, but they’re there.

And the next steps are clear.

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We have some news!

we have some news! // a thousand threads
I’m so thrilled to finally share that it’s going to be a very exciting winter for the Heeley clan – this February, we’re expecting an addition to our crew!

Mark and I are just over the moon – and happy to report that Austin couldn’t be more excited. Lennon is still blissfully unaware of the chaos to come, but we’re sure he’ll be just as pleased as the rest of us when he realizes we’re about to go back to the days of dropped food.

At sixteen weeks, baby is happy, healthy, growing steadily, and letting me know it. I’ve gotten a crash course in intense morning (otherwise known as all the time) sickness these past few months… nausea, headaches, vertigo, and all of the things I now know can come along with the first (and into the second, so far…) trimester. But I hear that means good things for the baby’s development, so for now, I’m sleeping a whole lot more, working a whole lot less, and rolling with the punches.

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Turning that black thumb green

turning that black thumb green // a thousand threads
I’ve never fancied myself much of a gardener. My grandmother? Yes. My mother? Hell yes.

… but me? Even the paper flowers are afraid to set up shop in my pots.

We’ve had some success, in years past, with tomatoes. Even so much so that last year we managed to win ourselves an angry warning from the HOA. (Our giant potted plants had, at some point, managed to piss off a pesky neighbor…)

But I can’t take much, if any, of the credit for their health… the poor things would’ve dried up at week two if they’d been left in my hands.

… and really, let’s be honest… though our garden may have grown, that simple fact hasn’t changed. During the week, I’m usually on the run. Especially in the mornings, when I revert back to my teenage self just long enough to put the time crunch on my commute, and poor Mark is stuck with the plants, the kid, the dog… he even makes me coffee and sends me off with a bite to eat.

… I’m completely spoiled. And so are our – very healthy – plants.

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Self portrait project // 9 + Links

52 self portraits // a thousand threads
Over the past couple of weeks, my heart rate has been on permanent high… running from meeting to meeting, fingers crossed, wishing and hoping…

I’m full of nervous energy with one more big transition to come, but within it… I’m also beginning to eek out a sliver of peace.

I hesitate to say it out loud… but I can almost feel us beginning to turn a corner. One that’s been just out of reach for a very long time.

2014 was a very hard year for us. In some ways, it was the most rewarding year we’ve had, but it was also a struggle.

After a year of what ifs and maybes, I’m so ready for that corner and the wide world ahead that it hurts. Just that sliver of peace on its own is much more than I’ve had in some time.

Did you catch our feature on South of Brooklyn this week?

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Monica’s TED talk.

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Favorite food podcasts.

Carrot cake scones.

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Self portrait project // 7

52 self portraits // a thousand threads
In Maryland, I get a lot of PNW rain jokes, even legitimate concern – “if you ever moved back, do you think you could take it? Could Mark?

But after a few years on the east coast, I have to be honest; I think you’re all living with Stockholm syndrome.

In Oregon, sure, it rains in the winter. Mostly it’s grey. But I never once owned an umbrella, and looking back I realize that the missive, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” is repeated more often than any complaint.

Here, folks complain all year long, but when it comes down to it, their suffering goes so much deeper than any silly complaint. They’ve grown to love those bastard seasons that hold them captive.

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Dreamweave photo DIY with timeshel

dreamweave photo DIY // a thousand threads
This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and timeshel, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #timeshelprints

Mark and I are terrible about printing our photos… which is especially a shame, since we’re constantly snapping. Our computers and phones are full of wonderful memories, but as much as we love to have prints, we never can remember to put in the order.

That’s why we’re loving timeshel, a new subscription service that allows you to sign up to have your latest photos printed once a month.

timeshel offers two levels of subscription. You can sign up for 10 prints a month that come in a nifty envelope for just $5.95, or 30 prints a month — which come in their super durable and handy shel — for $14.95.

It’s fun to decide which pictures to print, and easy, since it’s all contained in one simple app.

Hopefully the monthly reminder will mean we print and keep a whole lot more of our memories from here on out — and this simple diy will make it easy to display our favorites close to our workspace, just so we never forget.

timeshel is only available for iOs, but it’s easy to download in the Apple Store. Be sure to check it out if you’re anything like us, it’s such a shame to let those memories just sit on your phone.

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Self portrait project // 6 + Links

52 self portraits // a thousand threads
I may not have been properly warned about how terrible it is to sell a house… waiting, wondering, unable to make the next move until it’s sold… but hey, at least there’s coffee.

Lately we’ve been focused on what to do next. Stay where we are? Move closer to the city? Pack it all up in a van and hit the road? Personally I’m gunning for the van, but the dog disagrees.

Meanwhile, we’re working on something for this space that gets more exciting each day… a rebrand and redesign that will bring more of our projects under one roof and give us a solid direction. Nothing huge will change — don’t worry — but we’ll be able to offer so much more… and I truly can’t wait for you to see what’s been shaping up behind the scenes.

For now… I hear the sun will be sticking around for an extra hour today, which, if you have to be stuck in purgatory, is a pretty good way to go… thank god for spring, and thank god for new adventures to come.

… whenever they come. We’ll be here.

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Self portrait project // 5 + Links

52 self portraits // a thousand threads
That’s it guys… I’m done. The snow can melt. Spring can come.

We’ve had all the fun we can have.

11 skills every amateur chef should learn.


This awesome cheat sheet.

A Sunday gathering.

Because bacon.

Make a custom rubber stamp.

This bedside.

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Self portrait project // 2 + Friday link love

52 self portraits // a thousand threads52 self portraits // a thousand threads
I’m willing to bet now that these photos — taken on our way to visit that not so superb owl (depending on how you look at it) — commemorate the very last moment that I was awake and not working this week… even at the Super Bowl itself, where this loser spent most of the evening enveloped in research on sequestration and the upcoming president’s budget.

This week has been so very busy that now that Friday has come and the budget work is gone, I feel like I might just fade into a light coma for the weekend… someone can deliver me doughnuts and beer and I’ll commune with the spirit of Homer Simpson.

Now if only I had a toasty warm beach…

Anyone else itching hard for a vacation? I know I keep talking about it, but it’s that time of year.

Reading blogs vs. making a living off of a blog.

Mexican avocados.

This gorgeous midcentury renovation.

We have way too many chairs already, and still I want more.


12 Twitter marketing secrets.

These sound suspiciously healthy, but delicious.

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