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Summer crostini on Oh the Lovely Things

summer crostini // a thousand threads
So the fireflies are here, and that means my favorite part of summer has officially arrived.

I grew up without fireflies – which really shouldn’t even be allowed – and for a long time, I thought they fit in the same category as fairies and unicorns. I can still hardly believe that those twinkling lights are real. So while I’d gladly give the rest of the big bugs the boot, the total magic of fireflies makes up for any shortcomings I might occasionally find here on the east coast. (Not that I’m biased.)

There is truly nothing more magical than sitting outside on a warm summer night, watching their little lights burn.

Except maybe eating egg salad on a crunchy, savory crostini while you enjoy that same warm summer night with some friends (Like how I did that there? Shameless…).

If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, head over to Oh the Lovely Things today. I’m sharing a delicious summer crostini while Clemence in away in Fiji. (Fireflies are great and all, but Fiji? Jealous much?)

P.S. Be sure to check back later this week for a fun announcement Melissa and I have been teasing over on Instagram for a while!

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Speaking at Alt SLC

alt slc summer // a thousand threads
About two weeks ago, while devouring a concrete and some new, less-crinkly, fries at Shake Shack after a somewhat disappointing (but totally saved by Shake Shack and also the guy with the comb-over and the awesome pick-up lines) night out, I glanced at my phone, squealed a little, emailed my mom, and then promptly lost my purse… but just for a minute.

Let me back up…

On my phone, in my email, was an invitation to speak at the Altitude Summit this summer in Salt Lake City, and I won’t even pretend I played it cool, as evidenced by the squeal and the email to mom. I also won’t pretend that I talked or thought about anything else the rest of the night… including my sad, lonely little purse that I left on the floor of Shake Shack, just asking to be acquired by someone new while we walked the seven blocks back to our car, traveling exactly six and three quarters before Mark looked at my hands and face-palmed the hell out of us both.

Of course, night in shining armor (and respectable man shoes without all of the heel) that he is, he ran back as fast as he could and, this being the Dupont Circle Shake Shack at 10 o’clock on a Thursday night, found my purse exactly where I’d left it, undisturbed.

Minor panic and entirely pointless almost-lost-my-purse stories aside, what I mean to say is… I was really, really excited. And I still am. The recognition is huge, and such an honor, and such a welcome surprise after a few weeks of feeling sort of discouraged (also a good reminder that those welcome surprises almost always come when you least expect them.)

I’ll share all of the details as I know more, but if any of you are planning to attend this summer (there’s still time to register!) I hope you’ll grab me and say hi! I can’t wait to catch up with everyone in person this June!


Featured // Simple & Crisp

blood orange gin fizz // a thousand threads
It’s a food-heavy week here on A Thousand Threads, but that’s how we like it (any excuse for a little extra snack is a good one in my book). Head on over to Simple & Crisp now for my interview and the recipes for these three simple pairings — including the very tasty blood orange gin fizz shown above.

Thank you, Simple & Crisp, for the lovely feature! I was so flattered to be asked.

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Words With Bloggers

grit / a thousand threads
Happy Monday! Well… as happy as a Monday can be.

Today you can find me over on Joelle’s gorgeous blog, Something Charming, sharing my word of the week. Hope you’ll stop by and say hi!


Featured // Style Me Pretty

our wedding / a thousand threads
What great news to come home to!  I’m so honored and excited to say that our wedding has been featured on Style Me Pretty.

And in honor of my finally being able to show you every little detail (I can’t tell you how hard it’s been to wait!) I thought I’d step away from our regularly scheduled programming this week to bring you four straight days of wedding goodness, starting tomorrow. From our barbeque and brunch to the details of our ceremony and reception, there’s so much more that I can’t wait to share!

The Look / The Ceremony / The Reception / The Party / The Film / The Stars


Featured // The Everygirl’s Blog Watch

everygirl blog watch / a thousand threads
Thank you so much for all of the kind words you’ve sent my way since A Thousand Threads was featured on The Everygirl! I’m so honored to be included in such an amazing lineup of ladies whose blogs I’ve followed and loved for what seems like forever — many of which I found thanks to the Everygirl’s Blog Watch!

Thank you to the Everygirl and to all of you for your amazing support! I’m excited for the future of this little blog and I can’t wait to see what it holds!

Follow along on Bloglovin’ or another reader here, and don’t be shy… I always love to hear from you!

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