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Happy weekend!

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If you’re headed into a long one, enjoy! We’ll definitely be making the most of ours, spending the first half immersed in apples and strawberries and rhubarb and all sorts of pie goodness, and then maybe going on a little day trip to spend some time in the sun.

I hope you have an amazing, relaxing, sunny start to this lovely pool season of ours — I’ll see you all back here on Tuesday!

But before you go tell me all about your plans!


Eye this inspiring, eclectic home in Sweden.

Buy this perfect summer top.

Make this fantastic knit throw.

Bake this cherry pecan picnic cake.


This Instagram account is pretty much the best thing ever.

What does your state’s internet search history say about you?

This pickled rhubarb crostini is brilliant (Memorial Day party anyone?)

A really great post on the future of blogging.

How to write a bio for your website.


Happy mom’s weekend!

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I hope if you’re a mom, you’re planning to be appropriately pampered — and if you have a mom well, you know what to do.

Our weekend is turning out to be a full one, with lots going on before a big announcement that may or may not be (okay no, it is) coming next week. Plus plans with friends, errands to run, and Mother’s Day brunch to be had. It’s a good thing we rested up last weekend, because this time it’s full speed ahead.

How about you? Any plans for the lovely mom’s weekend ahead?


Eye this light-filled home (and the cute pup it belongs to).

Buy this awesome jumpsuit.

Make this crazy-awesome woven bench.

Bake up something with whipped coconut cream. (It’s everywhere!)


11 ways to avoid burnout.

Mother Mag, gorgeous and just in time for the day.

These totally brilliant and adorable cement dominos.

10 best lessons from mom.


May flowers

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Spring has sprung and good things are cropping up everywhere.

I’ve officially booked each and every place where we’ll be staying on our trip to Ireland, tackled some serious 2-minute tasks I’ve been putting off for a while, and I dare say you guys (close your ears if you can’t stand a good cliche) that it really is darkest before the dawn. Maybe it’s just the weather, but things are looking up… and I’m looking forward to a nice long weekend and a very short list of to-dos.

Happy Friday! Any big plans on your end?


Eye this lovely lunch and every single recipe included in it.

Buy eeeeeverything from Kinfolk’s new venture, Ouur.

Make a big, beautiful eucalyptus chandelier.

Bake lots of things with rhubarb, especially this rhubarb-raspberry tart.


How I haven’t come across this until now I don’t know, but Theo and Beau you guys? I’m going to explode from the cuteness.

A really great post on sponsorships that has me rethinking my use of hashtags ever. Hmm.

Also, Elsie & Emma’s new e-course looks pretty fantastic. (Did I ever tell you I took one of Elsie’s old e-courses way back when I started this blog? That one’s long gone now, but if it’s any indication I’m sure this one is amazing.)


The two minute rule

the two minute rule to get shit done // a thousand threads
It’s no secret around here that I’m a list maker… an organizer with a penchant for itineraries and planners and 40 different apps to schedule my day. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

But this one little rule might be so brilliant as to shatter just the tiniest bit of a corner of my list-loving regime.

I’ve heard the tip before, but applied to email, and for some silly reason I never thought to apply it to everything else. Essentially, the rule is that if you think of something you need to do that would take two minutes or less, do it right then. Don’t wait, because all of that planning and organizing and putting it on your list will take longer than the task itself. Not only will you save time, but you’ll get the productivity ball rolling in the right direction.

What do you think? Is this something you already do? Or, if you’re a list-maker like me, would you consider making an exception for the two minute rule?

Photo by Sharon Radisch.


Small business diaries // Bree of Capitol Romance

an interview with bree of capitol romance // a thousand threads
For some time now, I’ve wanted to start talking to all of you about the process of starting a small business, partly because this little blog has become a small business of its own, but also because soon I’ll have another slightly bigger business to talk to you all about.

In this new series, titled “Small business diaries,” I’ll interview some of my favorite small businesses, share tips, and throw some of my very own diary entries into the mix… because a lot of the process is fun and games, but a whole lot is also not (Mark and I are trudging through some seriously un-fun stuff right now). And whether you have your own small business dreams, or you just enjoy hearing about the day to day, I want to give you the real stuff… the whole story.

The story that sometimes means working 3-4 jobs like this lovely lady here… who runs one of the coolest businesses (the coolest business?) in DC. But also the story that brings a sense of community and satisfaction like no other around… and the story we wouldn’t give up for the world.

I can’t wait for you to get to know Bree and her story below — and when you’re done, be sure to check out her amazing new workshops. I so needed one of these when I was planning my wedding — frankly I’m jealous of you brides out there who get to go.

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Easter weekend // and thank you…

You guys… I’m not sure where to start, except to say that you’re wonderful and I love you all. Thank you so much for your kind, funny, heartbreaking, sincere, amazing words on my post yesterday. It’s not always easy to hit publish, but you’ve reminded me exactly why I do. So thank you, so much.

And to those of you going through a similar time, I’m always here if you need a talk or a drink or a big vat of ice cream — I wish I was closer to some of you, I’d bring you one right now. Feeling like a failure sucks a lot, but we all go through it, and it’s so much easier to pick yourself up and dust yourself off when you know you’re not alone.

Have a wonderful Easter/Passover weekend! I’d love to hear all about your plans!


Eye this bright, lovely home.

Buy something to save your lips — if they’re anything like mine, they suffer when the seasons change.

Make this sunny spring weaving for your front door or wall.

Bake some simple baked eggs (eggs, Easter… it all just makes sense).


I loved loved looooved Kate’s post about “should” vs. “must.”

Frank Bruni argues that women are stick stuck with an unequal lot that goes far beyond pay.

This dripped concrete planter is pretty brilliant.

So are these copper air plant holders.

And right now I’m seriously craving some of these.


Failure and envy and moving on

churchill quote // a thousand threads
Lately I’ve noticed, to my dismay, that every time I post a picture on Instagram, I both gain and lose one follower — like I’m stuck in some social media purgatory where the mediocre bloggers go to die. I guess I’m lucky that I’m not just losing them in droves, but it eats at me. It eats at me like the little green monster that wishes it had the talent of some and the luck of others… the same little green monster that just gets mad and doesn’t bother to look around for some perspective.

… and sometimes it eats at me so much it makes me want to erase everything I just wrote, put big black censor bars over the top and pretend I’ve got it all figured out.

Except I don’t.

… I didn’t get into any of the PhD programs I applied to.

I have a lot of excuses lined up to recite whenever someone asks: I applied to the toughest programs; I needed funding; my GPA and experience are good, but they’ll never stand up to the many applications I read every month from plucky potential interns with straight A’s and internships at the UN.

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DIY all-purpose cleaner

diy all-purpose cleaner // a thousand threads
Just in case you haven’t already noticed, spring is here! And that means it’s time to spring clean. But just because you want to give everything a good scrub doesn’t mean you want it to smell like you did – and that’s not even mentioning the way that harsh cleaning products can make your skin feel.

That’s why lately we’ve been experimenting with making our own cleaning products. It’s easier than you’d ever think, cheaper than buying the stuff in the store, and they work great!

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Practice makes perfect

// a thousand threads
So I’ve wanted, needed a Wacom for something like a million years now. I just knew it would change my life, the beautiful things I would create — I was sure I was only an Amazon purchase away from pure brilliance. So I finally broke down and made it happen.

Earlier this week, the Wacom showed up on my doorstep all shiny and new, just begging for me to break it out and get the party started. So I did… and let’s just say the experience has been something like that time when I really really wanted to bust out a canvas and paint…

Even though I hadn’t picked up a paint brush since preschool.

Holy wow you guys, you don’t realize how much all of that type typing away is crushing your motor handwriting skills until you try to go all crazy with a Wacom. Cursive? What is that? So there might be a little bit of a learning curve, but hey, that’s what this space is all about, right? I’ve been learning here with all of you on a pretty steep learning curve since 2011, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed the ride as much as I have. For me, it always goes back to this Ira Glass quote. If you know what you want it to be, and you work hard, you’ll get there.

So I changed things up a little bit on my Friday links this week with the vast scribble skills I’ve acquired so far — and hey, it’s something right? Next stop, masterpiece.

Maybe I’ll get in a little more practice this weekend. Tell me, do you have any big plans?

P.S. Does this mean I also won’t have Melissa Esplin-like calligraphy skills if I pick up a pen?


Eye this lovely artists loft in Berlin.

Buy this Steven Alan quilt on sale!

Make these beautiful onion-dyed flags. (And check out the rest of Cassie’s amazing wedding DIYs while you’re there, I’m kind of obsessed.)

Bake these tasty looking buttermilk cakes.


Definitely reserving judgement until there’s more than a trailer, but I thought this commentary on the “American Blogger” controversy was very thoughtful.

Also thoughtful — this article via Cup of Jo.

Some of you out there are Wacom masters, and to you I say this. But seriously, wow Corina this typeface is beautiful.

If this works, I might die of excitement.

This camp wedding really is dreamy.


Here & there

here & there // a thousand threads
A little wrap-up of our lives these past few months — according to our phones.

Some of these shots came from Instagram, some never made it that far — but I’m surprised at how good a picture of our day to day our phones have managed to record. A little bit of exploring, some cozy days in, Saturday morning breakfasts and signs of spring… it’s all in there. Even though I sometimes wish I could escape the connectivity, I’m thankful that these days we’re able to capture the little bits and pieces of our lives that we might’ve missed before.

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