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My first 3-day juice cleanse // A detox diary

my first 3-day juice cleanse // a thousand threads
I’m not a diet girl — I don’t dig deprivation. So most of the time I try to watch my portions, track my calories, and do my best to eat food that’s as wholesome as possible. Not so much because I should – if I could I’d eat sugar cereal and loaves of bread interchangeably and always — but because if I didn’t, I’d starve.

Nothing will teach you the value of good, real food like counting calories for a week… and there we find the root of my fascination with juicing. It doesn’t seem like it should, but somehow a whole day on juice can actually leave you feeling… not full exactly… but pretty okay.

If you’re feeling skeptical of the juice cleanse in general, check out this documentary… it might change your mind.

As much as I’m a believer, though, I’ve never made it through a multi-day cleanse. A day, maybe… but only ever with my own scrappy little juicer and a dream. So when Fruitive reached out to talk about a collaboration – a chance to try a real (as in someone actually put some thought into the various juices and their individual health impacts) multi-day cleanse — I jumped at the chance. Fruitive’s juice is fresh, seasonal, organic (or better) and totally delicious… to a point that if I weren’t looking at the word “kale” on their label, I’m not sure I’d believe it was in there.

I chose their “clear the fog” cleanse, because I’m a wimp and the all-green-juice deal looked just a little bit too intense. And with my general love of but total lack of knowledge of longer juice cleanses, I set off to document the journey…

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Finding balance in the busy trap // #30daystobalance

#30daystobalance // a thousand threads
It probably goes without saying that over these past few months, we haven’t exactly been putting our health first. Dough Uprising, Field + Foundry, this blog, our full-time jobs, keeping up with Austin… eventually something slips, and our “something” has been exercise, eating right, doing things like getting haircuts and cutting our nails (ew, but really).

Sometimes it takes a shakeup to make you realize just how badly you’ve been treating yourself… and how neglected you really feel.

So, since we’re about to head out on vacation and I’m suddenly faced with a whole big bunch of time to make a real effort to unwind, and since I usually have a hard time actually doing that, I thought I’d make all of this into a little bit of a game.

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