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Turning that black thumb green

turning that black thumb green // a thousand threads
I’ve never fancied myself much of a gardener. My grandmother? Yes. My mother? Hell yes.

… but me? Even the paper flowers are afraid to set up shop in my pots.

We’ve had some success, in years past, with tomatoes. Even so much so that last year we managed to win ourselves an angry warning from the HOA. (Our giant potted plants had, at some point, managed to piss off a pesky neighbor…)

But I can’t take much, if any, of the credit for their health… the poor things would’ve dried up at week two if they’d been left in my hands.

… and really, let’s be honest… though our garden may have grown, that simple fact hasn’t changed. During the week, I’m usually on the run. Especially in the mornings, when I revert back to my teenage self just long enough to put the time crunch on my commute, and poor Mark is stuck with the plants, the kid, the dog… he even makes me coffee and sends me off with a bite to eat.

… I’m completely spoiled. And so are our – very healthy – plants.

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Wild side wallpaper from Cocorrina

live the wild side of life desktop wallpaper // cocorrina for a thousand threads
Hello dear friends! It’s Corina from Cocorrina today, taking over for Laicie!

Lately, i’ve been finding nothing more inspiring than living extreme. Adventures and adrenaline, is what makes us feel most alive, what wakes us up. So here’s a little words of inspiration for you, to remember living the life to the fullest, and experiencing the wild side of it!

Download the desktop wallpaper here – or use the shot above on your iPhone!

live the wild side of life desktop wallpaper // cocorrina for a thousand threads
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Brilliant blue interior inspiration from Thou Swell

brilliant blues // thou swell for a thousand threads
I’ve always loved the idea of a color palette being inspired by gem-tones – emeralds, rubies, and deep sapphire blues, but blue particularly sticks out as an easy color to work into any room because it’s subdued and oh so versatile. I combed through Pinterest for different ways designers have incorporated blue into interiors, whether it be in the details or as a main element of the room. Check out this bluesy inspiration…

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DIY linen napkins

diy linen napkins // a thousand threads
Linen napkins – especially washed linen like these – are my very favorite. They’re just one little element, but they can have such a big impact on a table. So when we decided to plan three Field + Foundry dinners this fall, I knew we had to have them.

There’s just one problem – everybody else likes them too, which means they can be crazy expensive.

Luckily, thanks to my 4-H days, I knew I could at least turn on and operate a sewing machine — even if I wasn’t so sure I could sew in a straight line (I’m still not) — so I dusted the old guy off and went to work.

With just a few yards of linen (around $100) I was able to whip up 30 custom napkins. And straight lines or no, if we hadn’t told folks they were handmade they might never have known.

Follow along below for instructions on how to make your own…

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Easy DIY stone planter

easy diy stone planter // a thousand threads
There’s no denying that I have a black thumb. Generally, only cacti are strong enough to withstand my horrible wrath. So I usually rely on Mark to keep our plants alive, including our annual tomato growth that grew up so healthy and strong last year that it took over the whole entry to our house. We (because even if I don’t do the work I definitely still take the credit) were so proud.

So, bolstered by our success, this year we’ve decided to take on two tomato plants. But that meant that we needed a new planter, and those things can be super expensive, especially if you want something nice. So we decided to get a little creative.

Mark brought home 4 pieces of stone and a caulking gun and we went to work gluing those babies together, just hoping that our little experiment wouldn’t fall apart as soon as we put in the soil.

Happily though, the result was as strong as can be — good looking too! And it was such an easy project, I’m already dreaming up even more diy planters for our home. Inside, outside, I’m so in love with this one I just might have to do it all!

Follow along below for instructions on how to make your own. You can use any stone, any size, just as long as they all fit together, and the process is easy as can be…

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Brands that give back // Minted + Every Mother Counts

minted + every mother counts // a thousand threads
Mother’s Day is almost here, and in honor of both our own mothers and many more mothers out there in need, I’m excited to announce a special promotion.

Minted — I think you may have heard of them? But just in case. — already gives 2 percent of all of its art print sales to Every Mother Counts, an organization that makes sure pregnant women in struggling countries receive the healthcare they need. The partnership is an amazing and admirable one that they announced at Alt 2014.

For this Mother’s Day, though, Minted has agreed to give 20 percent of all art print sales between now and April 28th straight to the charity, just as long as you use the code 1000THREADSEMC.

It’s a special promotion that I’m proud to offer, and a great opportunity to give a little back to a good cause. Plus, I bet your mom would love an art print.


Ladder love

ladder love // a thousand threads
I can’t honestly remember a time when I didn’t want a library ladder in my life. Whether in the kitchen, the bedroom, or an actual library, none of that ever really mattered, just as long as the ladder led to something really great (amazing secret hideaway loft anyone?).

These days we don’t exactly have the kind of cavernous space a library ladder might need, but there are plenty of other ways to work a little bit of ladder into the decor. Here are a few I’ve seen and liked lately, although I’ll admit in internet time I’m probably something like 40 years behind. We’ll just call it a classic trend.

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DIY silk tie dyed Easter eggs

diy silk dyed easter eggs // a thousand threads
I’ve always had a little bit of an obsession with untraditional Easter eggs. Drawn on, painted on, glittered and taped… whatever you can think of, I’m usually down. As a kid, I spent every April with a big ball of wax and what looked like a chemistry kit — I had the coolest Ukrainian eggs on the block.

(Insert jealous oohs and ahhs here.)

This year I thought about pulling out the kit, strutting my fancy stuff for the family (I know they would’ve died of excitement) but then I started wondering… what else is out there in the world of eggs? What if there’s something super cool I haven’t tried? Something I haven’t even heard of!

And — much to my delight — the answer was yes. There was something cool I hadn’t even heard of.

As it turns out, you can die eggs with nothing more than a silk tie and a big pot of water. (Okay you need like two more things, but my mind is blown.) It’s easy, they look great — and if you’re doing it with kids, they’ll love that they get to unwrap the finished eggs like a present.

There’s also a slight chance that this project might afford you an excuse to do a little thrifting.

What I’m saying is that I can see absolutely zero reason not to drop everything and do this right now.

Okay well maybe you need the instructions first… (but then really, thrifting… go.)

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Citrus hot pot home scent

citrus hot pot home scent // a thousand threads
After a long, cold winter stuck inside, the house feels so stuffy — I long to open up the windows and let in the fresh air. But when it’s still around 20 degrees, there’s no other option but to find another way to make the air feel fresh.

This citrus boil is the perfect solution.

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Easy diy ombré bookcase

diy ombré bookcase // a thousand threads
I love books, and I love books as decor, but I’ll admit I haven’t always been the biggest fan of our bookcase. It’s not bad… it does the job, but it’s a little boring and I don’t know, a little too IKEA in the not-so-awesome sense. So when we recently moved it out into a big, prominent space in our hall, the bookcase’s general blah-ness started to grate on me a little.

So what’s a girl to do with no money for a fancy new piece that could speak for itself? I color-coordinated the crap out of that boring bookshelf to make it stand out all on it’s own.

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