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Self portrait project // 5 + Links

52 self portraits // a thousand threads
That’s it guys… I’m done. The snow can melt. Spring can come.

We’ve had all the fun we can have.

11 skills every amateur chef should learn.


This awesome cheat sheet.

A Sunday gathering.

Because bacon.

Make a custom rubber stamp.

This bedside.

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Self portrait project // 4 + Links

52 self portraits // a thousand threads
This is a pretty accurate depiction of the last week… wrapped up in every scarf, hat, and blanket we have in an effort to escape the cold that somehow manages to seep in no matter the number on the thermostat.

Beyond the cold, we’ve been riding the roller coaster of emotions that is selling/buying a house… with some not so good news. The house we fell in love with (despite ourselves, since they wouldn’t take a contingent offer and here we are with a house…) sold out from under us. We weren’t worried, since it had been on the market for over a year and the agent had assured us she’d be in contact if there were any offers…

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Self portrait project + Friday links

52 self portraits // a thousand threads
I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of staging your house, or of living in a staged house while it’s on the market, but let me tell you, it is a treat.

The rugs are gone, the liquor is gone, and all traces of human existence have been wiped out of sight… it’s a sterile, highly regimented sort of existence, something akin to boot camp or rehab.

But it does look beautiful… almost beautiful enough to make me sad that we’ve put it up for sale. Our first real family home…

… but only long enough to start to think, and dream, about what’s to come. A new, light-filled kitchen, a peaceful single-family home, a real yard! I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, so much could still happen. But what’s certain is that there are many, many exciting things to come. And that makes me look forward to the weekend just all that much more!

Before I go running full speed out the door though, Mark and I thought we’d try out a new project this week.

… over the past few years, this blog has truly stoked our mutual love for photography. We’ve learned and grown so much together, but we’re still learning more every day. And each discipline has its own special set of rules and creative boundaries to break… so we thought we’d play with one we haven’t explored as much: portraiture.

Building on our “52 dates” project, we’d love to take “52 self portraits” — just us and our little camera clicker, trying not to embarrass ourselves completely, and maybe even trying to make a little art…

I have to admit — this one scares me a whole lot more than the dates. Keeping things creative will be a weekly challenge, and generally I like to hide my face in photos. But it’s a challenge we’d like to explore, so let us know what you think!

We’re excited to push ourselves to think up a new shot to go with each Friday’s links, but we want you to have just as much fun with it as we are, so if you think you might dig it, let us know.

And enjoy the weekend ahead!!

… keep your fingers crossed that someone falls in love with our little house and the liquor comes back soon!

5 breakups for a healthier, happier you.

Oh man… these.

And these.

7 free tools for tracking blog post performance.

Super versatile pieces of furniture for every home.

Home perfection.

That looks about right.

Words that could conceivably be used to describe both the Super Bowl and a superb owl.


DIY rose petal infused honey + Friday links

diy rose-infused honey // a thousand threads
Winter looks to be making a big stop in our neighborhood this weekend, so we’ll be stockpiling the ingredients for the coziest foods we can find and hunkering down under the covers. Certainly with a big bowl of soup, but also – maybe… okay totally – with a little bit of something sweet.

February is lurking around the corner… the coldest of cold months here in Maryland, but also the darkness before the dawn and of course, a time for one more holiday. But whether or not you’ve started thinking about all of that yet (thanks, Laicie, for the reminder…) you might dig this easy rose petal infused honey diy I shared over on Lovely Indeed.

Sure, it makes a nice little love-infused gift for your friends, family, and anyone else you’d like… but it’s also pretty great to have hanging around in the pantry when you want to make a special treat (or just drizzle over a little ice cream…).

Anyone else suddenly find themselves craving ice cream when the weather turns cold?

Revisiting “this is water.”

… and not giving a fuck.

How to handle a new job like a boss.

Stop it with the email already.

So much pretty.

So much of the love for Emma Watson.

I’m such a sucker for buttermilk cake, and this frosting sounds delicious.

Speaking of soup

… and ice cream. (I feel like burnt toast ice cream might just make my life.)

p.s. We’re on Food52!! Hi there (and thank you SO much for clicking over) if that’s how you found your way here!

Happy weekend to you all!! Stay warm and eat some ice cream for me!


Winter wonder

// a thousand threads

There’s something about the holidays, that little kid in me still gets antsy about the wait. I know it’s just a few more days, but I’m so ready.

… ready for winter, ready for Santa, ready for eggnog and Christmas Vacation and a big fat bowl of clam chowder.

Any big Christmassy plans on the way? 

P.S. Speaking of the wait… be sure to stop by tomorrow, because guess who’s up next in our 24 Merry Days of giveaways?! Have you been keeping up?

That’s okay if you haven’t… more chances for me to win that Smeg fridge.


Eye Mary’s of Millay Vintage’s beautiful home.

Buy a new planner for 2015.

Make a few last-minute holiday decorations.

Bake a little seasonal snack, like this persimmon bruschetta.

Cinnamon rolls, 10 ways.

Women at work: a guide for men.

Dough Uprising’s feature on Relish Decor’s blog!

24 merry days // a thousand threads24 merry days // a thousand threads24 merry days // a thousand threads


Running down a dream

link love // a thousand threads
Running, at least. Our quiet winter has turned out to be anything but, but you probably already know by now that we wouldn’t have it any other way…

The only problem is that with all of the fun we’ve been having, Christmas is trying its damndest to pass us by. These two lame-o kids still don’t even have a tree. But we’ll remedy all of that this weekend.

Time to turn on the Christmas tunes, pull out the ornaments and go to town… maybe whip up a few holiday goodies along the way.

Tell me, what do you have on the docket this weekend? Are you as late to the game as we are? Or are you sitting back, blissfully enjoying the cheer all around?


Eye my dream winter home.

Buy something that smells like winter.

Make this adorable wall hanging.

Bake this gorgeous rosewater shortbread.

17 edible gifts.

A love letter to Uggs.

Vintage Vogue styling tips.

NYT columnists share their favorite book of the year.

Women are better marathon pacers than men.

Having a Hygge moment.

24 merry days // a thousand threads24 merry days // a thousand threads


Obsession and introspection

// a thousand threads
I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about next steps… next steps for this blog, next steps for Dough Uprising and Field + Foundry, next steps for our life. What to prioritize, how to do it all at once, how to do it right… it’s a big lift.

When I started this blog, all I wanted was possibility… now it seems we have nothing but.

As the weather’s turned cold (really cold) here in Maryland, I’m working hard to remind myself how lucky I am to have that possibility, and trying not to dwell on the fear of the leap that we have to eventually take.

… but then, winter does seem like a perfect time to plan.


Eye this black hardware inspiration… I’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen for my own.

Buy this perfect Christmas wrapping.

Make this pretty cowl for the cold… then you can tell me all about it, because I definitely cannot knit one of my own.

Bake these tasty breakfast muffins.

How to be a better writer.

DomicileDC’s holiday gift guide (it’s possible that you might find Dough Uprising inside).

This unique and pretty wreath.

Clinton’s tweet to W. #howareyouSTILLnotontwitter

This crazy tasty-looking pull-apart bread.

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Grey days and early mornings

// a thousand threads
The days are growing colder, shorter… and suddenly winter feels like it’s just around the corner.

But there’s something peaceful about it all. The early morning air, the snow on the horizon…

I don’t know, maybe this place is growing on me. This beautiful gold, green, and grey country I feel lucky to be able to experience every fall.

Maybe it’s even growing on me enough to look forward to winter.

(… or maybe I’ve said this before.)

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying the cool fall air as much as we are. Here’s to holding out hope as long as possible that the winter won’t make us miserable.

… it’s all about the hope.


Eye this lovely gathering on The Fresh Exchange.

Buy some soap that smells like home.

Make your own beeswax candles.

Bake your own everything bagels.

… and definitely bake this cake.

Safety tips for your soul-sucking desk job.

Forty portraits in forty years.

The twenty-four best podcasts ever.


Happy Halloween!

// a thousand threads
And happy birthday to my love.

I’m looking forward to a weekend of celebrations, plus a little bit of time for us both to sit back and relax.

Any big plans on the agenda for all of you?


Eye this lovely little cafe (Since we’ve been dreaming of someday having our own…)

Buy some boots, it’s almost that time… and I’m so obsessed with these.

Make something delicious from mushrooms you’ve foraged yourself.

Bake (fry?) some delicious dumplings – comfort food for the cold. (Great-looking recipe here.)

5 career myths you need to stop believing.

Inspired by this lovely styling and these tasty caramels.

Wild wallpaper.


Camp weekend

// a thousand threads
More than ever, Mark and I know we have so, so much to be thankful for — especially all of you and your kind words these past few days. Thank you, as always, for being there with us. It means so much.

And speaking of thanks, I’m busy gathering my gear — and mixing up some cider and rye — for a weekend of camping with an amazing group of friends, both old and new.

It’s been far too long since I’ve spent a night under the stars. I’m a little sad not to be taking my favorite camp partner along with me — but when United by Blue wrote with an invite, I won’t lie, I might’ve squealed a little. What’s better than camping, hiking, and potlucking around the campfire? Nothing in this girl’s book…

I can’t wait to share all of the details of our badass lady weekend next week!


Eye these beautiful photos of Helen Levi by Nicole Franzen.

Buy these boots I’m coveting.

Make these cute treat boxes for Halloween.

Bake this easy pear tart.

The lazy girl’s (me) guide to de-wrinkling clothes.

We already identify the best schools, what do you think about pointing out the worst?

These great covered bowls.

Homemade corn dogs omg.

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