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Of resolutions and reflections

resolutions / a thousand threads
Before we all left for the holidays, I signed up for The January Cure. For a while there I even considered participating, maybe blogging about the whole thing. And then I forgot all about it.

My first email arrived yesterday, with the first assignment: make a list of the things that need to be fixed, cleaned, and organized in each room of your house. But after a hectic Christmas and an even more hectic few months, I can’t say that the Cure looked as good in my inbox as I thought it might.

Resolutions? Sure. Plans? Yes. Dreams? Always. But right now I’m not feeling very good about checklists.

2013 was so busy, I’m left with the desire to both slow down and speed up — to focus. Focus on reading, focus on writing, focus on my health and my happiness, and focus on making this the best year yet. That doesn’t mean anything will really ease up — I’m sure I’ll still be busy. I just want to be more deliberate about the things I choose to take up the time. And, most of all, I want to be more deliberate about balancing the things that nurture my ambition with the things that nurture my soul.

I want to balance present Laicie with future Laicie, and I want to worry about the little things less.

So that piece of trim by the door that’s come undone? It can wait. The closets? They’ll get there eventually. The holiday weight? It’ll come off. But none of it has to happen this month.

January is a new start. It’s beautiful, and hopeful, and I love the freshness of it, that everything has been scrubbed clean. But that freshness will fade, and the life that takes its place won’t be perfect. It will be ours, with mistakes made and lessons learned, and it will be better every day. We will be better every day, because a lot of what makes us better will be the dirt that takes the place of the clean.

A lot of what makes life worth living rises from that dirt — just look at this guy. So who wants to be perfect? I’d so much rather be surprised.


Happy New Year!

happy 2014 / a thousand threads
Here’s to a happy, healthy, successful and altogether lovely 2014! Today, anything is possible.


24 Merry Days // Giveaway Day Twenty-Four

This is it you guys! Our very last giveaway. And this is it for me too. We’ll see if I’m able to stay all the way away, I might check in here and there… and I’ll definitely be over on Instagram. But – officially – I’ll be taking the next week off to spend a little more time with family and friends.

Merry Christmas Eve!! I’ll see you all in 2014. xoxo

24 merry days / apartment 34


24 Merry Days // Giveaway Day Twenty-Three

A gorgeous purse and a set of beautiful notebooks to jot everything down inside? Sign me up. I’m such a sucker for both.

24 merry days / oh the lovely things


24 Merry Days // Giveaway Day Twenty-Two

Today Sibylle is giving away a party pack from Erin’s beautiful new shop Grandiflora! Happy day twenty-two!

24 merry days / funkytime


24 Merry Days // Giveaway Day Twenty-One

Just a few more days!

24 merry days / henry happened


24 Merry Days // Giveaway Day Twenty

Okay you guys, we’re in the home stretch! And we have another amazing giveaway — $500 worth of gorgeous Mud Australia dishes are up for grabs!

24 merry days / design crush


Frederick’s 4th annual Christmas light ride

holiday light ride / a thousand threadsholiday light ride / a thousand threads
Last night Mark and I hopped on our (fantastically decorated, thanks to Mark) bikes for a little ride around the neighborhoods of downtown Frederick.

On it, I learned that even when you think you’ve seen the biggest inflatable holiday decor ever made, out there somewhere there’s a guy with a Santa twice as big as his house.

… oh, and Santa’s workshop is alive and well on someone’s porch.

Some people really like Christmas.

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24 Merry Days // Giveaway Day Nineteen

Can somebody win this one for me please? Because it’s pretty great. Today Lexy is giving away a gorgeous Son of A Sailor Necklace from Amelia AND a Walnut Animal Society Doll of your choice. Something for mom and baby (or just mom if baby happens to be way more into the toys of the superhero and Skylander variety these days.

… I totally want the fox with the Pendleton bow tie, just so you know).

24 merry days / the proper pinwheel


My grandmother’s gingersnaps

my grandmother's gingersnaps // a thousand threads
These might not be the best gingersnaps in the world. The truth is I can’t really say. I’m as biased as they come.

I’m biased because growing up, my grandma always (ALWAYS) kept a batch of these in her freezer, and every time I’d come over (which was all the time… I could walk to my grandparents’ house from my own) I’d sneak into the container for a cookie… and I tell you, to this day I’m not even the biggest fan of the gingersnap in theory… but you put that guy in the freezer for a while and I’m sold.

Even now, making this recipe from a worn out old handwritten card I inherited when my grandma passed away, it’s all I can do not to think about how great those fresh out of the oven cookies would be with some ice cream. They just have to be cold.

That is, when I’m not thinking about the person who wrote that card…

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