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A clean slate // My freshly painted office

my freshly painted office // a thousand threads
This week I’ve been talking all about my experience at Alt, but one of the most exciting things in my life that week was actually happening at home, inside our sad little office that’s been waiting to be pulled together for, oh… about a year.

My sweet husband was working his butt off to surprise me with a fresh coat of paint — and for this, he wins the year.

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Simple DIY Christmas Wreath

diy christmas wreath / a thousand threadsOkay so we’ve taken to calling it our Charlie Brown Christmas wreath.

It’s simple, but it’s charming… and I joke, since Mark always prefers a nice scrappy little Charlie Brown tree to a big healthy one anyway. So this guy is perfect.

The good news though is that since it’s super simple, it’s also super easy to make…

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Our House // In Transition

our house in transition / a thousand threadsour house in transition / a thousand threads
You know when you finish one project and it creates five more? Welcome to the last year of our life.

First, we moved our main living space downstairs, and suddenly the furniture that fit the space before felt off.

Cue five more projects — sanding and painting and scrubbing and everything else that goes along with salvaging some good-looking furniture we can actually afford (lots more on that later… I have at least one piece that’s almost ready to share).

The move also left an empty room that I’m hoping will someday become an office.

… but that means more painting, more diy… more time. And our first go-round with color on the office walls, as great as it looks, is currently a little too dark for all of the shooting we do in the room.

Cue five more.

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District Flea

district flea / a thousand threadsdistrict flea / a thousand threads
The best news I’ve heard in a while? That the folks behind Brooklyn Flea would be setting up shop in DC for the fall (and if things go well, and it looks like they are… again in the spring) for District Flea.

The Flea is one of my favorite things to do on a trip to New York. Every time we go, we come home with something great for the house. And District Flea was no exception. We’re on the hunt for some fun pieces for a new gallery wall behind the couch, and we found just what we were looking for.

(Now if only we could do that about 14 more times… putting together enough for a gallery wall is hard!)

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Live // In a work of art

light walls / a thousand threads #architecture #home #designlight walls / a thousand threads #architecture #home #design
As someone who finds herself styling a picture or two now and then, I’m always looking at, and learning about, the light… the way it comes clamoring into our bedroom in the morning, and dances across our little home studio (otherwise known as that one corner with all the windows) at night. The way that it can be manipulated, and way that it can’t. And especially how it always seems to manage to make or break my day… leaving me to curl up in a blanket for an extended nap and a big cup of something warm, or pulling me out of my bed ready to conquer the world.

This little home uses the light as a design element, with sky lights and beams that cast patterns on the walls and floors, bringing the light, and the day, into the house just that much more. And making those sunny days just that much better…

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Live // Simply

live simply / a thousand threadslive simply / a thousand threads
This sweet little home didn’t need much to make it special. With colorful tiles, white walls, wood floors, and enough windows and doors to let in every last drop of LA sun, it had a little bit of a head start in the perfection department. But what I really love about this home is that its residents have chosen to keep it so simple, with fresh flowers over fancy knickknacks and a collection of meaningful pieces that remind them of where they’ve been…

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Live // In This Eclectic Missouri Bungalow

missouri bungalow via clementine daily / a thousand threads
missouri bungalow via clementine daily / a thousand threads
I’m crushing on the adorable, eclectic details in this bright white Missouri home — and even more on Clementine Daily, the new site from some of my very favorite folks on the internet.

Have you been yet? If not, be sure to take a look — do you identify with Clementine as much as I do?

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Live // Exposed Radiators

exposed radiators / a thousand threads
Am I alone in my obsession with exposed radiators? Is it just because I don’t have them?

I know some folks would hate to have to decorate around a big hulking piece of metal on the wall, but I just love their vintage charm.

What do you think?

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How to Paint Furniture // A DIY Cabinet Makeover

how to paint furniture / a thousand threads
I’m excited to finally share one of our garage sale finds — it’s about time!

Mark and I picked this cabinet up at an estate sale forever ago and have been working on it slowly since.  We had wanted a new piece for our bedroom, something to look pretty on the wall and hold a little of our closet overflow.  We knew we wanted to paint the piece a bright, reddish-orange, but beyond that we were only half sure what we wanted.

So, in this case, where one is open to lots of possibilities, you’d think that any sane person, upon coming across a cedar cabinet for just $25, would have known right then and there.

But then you’re assuming we’re sane…

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Live // Native Line Wall Hangings

native line wall hangings
Right now I’m obsessing over these hand woven Native Line wall hangings, inspired by traditional Navajo tapestries that depict mountains and time lines. I’d love to hang something like this on my wall.

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