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Let’s just not talk about the day

a baby alpaca nursery, kilim boots, diy copper wall hooks, and baked brown butter doughnuts
Have I mentioned I’m a little bit superstitious?

… so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly waiting for a piano to drop from the sky (that doesn’t happen where you live?).

Stay safe today — keep your eye on the sky — and have an amazing weekend! The sun will come out when the curly-haired girl said it will… and I have some really fun things to share with you next week!

Eye this baby alpaca nursery — it’s pretty much perfect.

Buy these kilim boots I’m coveting.

Make these diy copper plumbing pipe hooks.

Bake these brown butter doughnuts.

The new pope is kind of awesome.

Mind. Blown.

“Writers are ingenious at redefining what qualifies as doing work.” Get yourself a kitchen timer.

This guy.

An interesting experiment at Harvard Business School.


Envy and Accomplishment

the best to eye, to buy, to make, and to bake / a thousand threads
You guys — I really love these discussions of ours. Thanks for chiming in yesterday on your struggles with Insta-envy! It was oddly reassuring to me to hear that we’re pretty much all dealing with the same thing. And, of course, to hear all of your good advice and reassurances. It’s so important to remember, both with social media and with blogging, that what we all put out there for the public is just a tiny snippet of our lives… and however messed up they might really be (or however messed up we just think they are… we’re always a whole lot more critical of ourselves than others might be, right?) they probably look pretty perfect to someone else. You never truly know what’s on the inside until you get to know someone for real.

That said, I hope to make a point to be honest here on this little blog (and I hope that I have in the past). Please feel free to call me out if you’re ever feeling annoyed — because like most of us, when I look at myself I usually see the imperfections first… and obviously try to cover them up (ha). But if things ever start to err on the side of “I’ll kill you if you say one more thing about your damn tomatoes” — or something, I don’t know, let me know. I’m happy to throw in a few notes of reality… how tough it is to juggle all of the jobs I work, how much I worry, how much I’m sure Mark worries about me. Nothing is perfect, but in the end we’re all working to create a life that is as close to our own version of perfect as it gets (whatever that might be). We’re all trying hard to do the the right thing, and live the right life for us, and that’s all we can do.

I was driving home yesterday, thinking about all of the things I “need” to do, worrying about not getting enough done, worrying about falling behind… worrying about the wide gulf that still exists between where I am, and where I’d like to be, and suddenly some part of me said, “You’re working as hard as you can possibly work… how stupid can you be to beat yourself up over the things you’re not doing? You should be congratulating yourself for all of the things that you are doing.”

And that’s the sum of my life, right there. I’m rarely happy when I’m not working on something… I like to be busy. Blame my parents for involving me in so many extracurricular activities as a kid. But no matter how busy I am, I always worry that I could be doing more. And that’s a terrible fault, because so often, it robs me of the satisfaction and happiness I might get from enjoying my accomplishments.

So today and for the future, I’m going to try hard to make it a point to resist the urge to pick and occasionally give myself a little pat on the back… and I’d love it if you would too. Because ladies, I’ve seen some of your Instagram accounts… and they’re pretty freaking fantastic.

Just sayin’.

Love you all, have an amazing weekend.

Eye this simple, perfect home.

Buy anything and everything (and especially this apron) from Food52’s new Provisions.

Make this adorable diy pet food station.

Bake these cardamom caramel ice cream sandwiches.

I think I need a puppy room.

This is a few weeks old, but somehow I managed to miss it… and dear god, please someone get me a croissant loaf right now.

On putting a dollar value on your content.

On ridiculously worded dress codes.

On hipsters’ impact on the economy (apparently razor sales are down… ha).

Say it in llama.

Lessons in motherhood.

The happiest states in America.


How to Paint Furniture // A DIY Cabinet Makeover

how to paint furniture / a thousand threads
I’m excited to finally share one of our garage sale finds — it’s about time!

Mark and I picked this cabinet up at an estate sale forever ago and have been working on it slowly since.  We had wanted a new piece for our bedroom, something to look pretty on the wall and hold a little of our closet overflow.  We knew we wanted to paint the piece a bright, reddish-orange, but beyond that we were only half sure what we wanted.

So, in this case, where one is open to lots of possibilities, you’d think that any sane person, upon coming across a cedar cabinet for just $25, would have known right then and there.

But then you’re assuming we’re sane…

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Hello Friday

friday link love / a thousand threads
Oh, Friday — thank you for being here!  I really needed you this week.  And I’m looking forward to a bright sunny weekend full of Cinco de Mayo and Derby celebrations — the icing on the cake!

Plus who knows, maybe we’ll have the first female Derby winner soon!  That would certainly be a milestone to celebrate.

In a world that has grown so much, it’s hard to think that there are still a few holdouts out there that believe women just can’t compete… or just want to hear the kissing noise.  The ladies should stick to the big hats and the juleps, amiright?  (Really though, I love me a fancy Derby hat, but when I googled “woman AND kentucky derby” this was my top result.  I’m rooting for you Rosie.)

How about you?  Will you tune in to the Derby this weekend?

Here are a few of my favorites this week…

Eye this handmade shoe collection, Olive Thomas, via Miss Moss.

Buy wrap bracelets – lots of wrap bracelets – for summer.

Make these watercolor escort cards.

Bake this white chocolate and walnut cake.

He was hilarious, but Obama wasn’t joking at the White House correspondents’ dinner.

This dad’s letter to his little girl about her future husband.

I have mixed feelings about a Downton Abbey fashion line, but I’m listening…

Social networks and body image… an interesting debate.

These cheap sunglasses.

How to set up a Facebook ad for your business.

5 tips for how to survive working for the man.


// 2.20

a thousand threads
Eye // This 19th century grange/my dream home.
Buy // Everlane silk shirts.
Make // A DIY feather wreath.
Bake // An orange cardamom yogurt cake.


A Long Weekend

weekend love / a thousand threads
Long weekends are the best and the worst… so much extra time, but it still seems to go by so fast. As always, I have a long list of things I’d love to get done… but in the end, if all I do is spend a little extra time catching up with my guy, I think we’ll call it good.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Dark chocolate almond butter cups… with sea salt.

These gorgeous bunad blankets.

I’m dying for a pair of these ankle boots.

This Valentines-inspired proposal shoot wins my vote for the best of the holiday.

Social media do’s and don’ts.

Helen Mirren is my hero.

A photographic guide to looking concerned while meeting with the President.

Soooo inspiring.

How to run a blog outta your car — sure to be epic.

These super cute downloadable graphics.

Video game characters in real life.


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Close, No Cigar

friday love / a thousand threads
No snow for us! Ha!

Actually I’m really jealous… it’s been such a long time since we’ve had a nice big snowstorm. And I know there are a ton of terrible things that can come of a big storm, lack of power being key, but there’s also always a chance you might just have to hunker down in a nice warm house and drink hot cocoa all weekend… which, after a couple of really busy weekends in a row, is kind of where I’m at… so stay warm those of you just (literally only a few miles) north of me!

Drink some hot cocoa and make some snow angels for me… even though I’m not much of a fan of winter, I really do love (or maybe just miss… it’s been more than two years!) the white fluffy stuff.

Here are a few of my favorites…

These adorable floral friendship bracelets.

This single ladies Valentines brunch.

The creatures of oh, albatross — I’m dying over this guy.

Spring ’13 Scout & Catalogue.

This genius new fashion blog — h/t to the always-inspiring Anne Sage.

Million dollar nuggets.

The prettiest wedding dresses from Whitney Deal.

Alt advice for beginning bloggers.

I’m late to this, but just in case… it’s worth it.

Turns out, those divorce statistics you’ve heard aren’t one size fits all.


Love // Baker Park Wedding Inspiration

baker park wedding / a thousand threadsbaker park wedding / a thousand threadsbaker park wedding / a thousand threads
I won’t say I’m biased (because really, just look at those two) but would you guess that this adorable little wedding took place just down the road?

I’m so proud.

Jennifer and Alex met right here in Frederick (ahem, at one of my favorite restaurants) and even though they had already eloped, they wanted to hold an intimate celebration with family and friends in the place where Alex had proposed… Baker Park. (You can — and should — read the whole sweet story here.)

When the day came, the super cute couple incorporated so many great Frederick details, I’m dying. From the pedicabs to the McCutcheon’s cider they served at their reception, the party just reeks of this little town that I love, and I can’t get enough…

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Current Obsessions // 1.30

current obsessions
Eye // This gorgeous home, and especially that chair.
Buy // This organic hand-crafted crimson salve.
Make // An easy DIY sweater for your iPad.
Bake // These lemon & vanilla cream sandwiches.


Happy first Friday of the year!

chocolate chip cookie baileys shake
And it came so quickly!  That’s the best news of all.

I can’t say this without Mark looking like he might cut me (he had to work) but it was a little rough to get back into the groove after having had almost a week and a half of vacation (my life is so hard!).  Early mornings, trying to eat right again… boo-hoo to me, I know… but I do have to say that seeing all of you again has been entirely wonderful.  I’m looking forward to a fantastic new year and hoping that each and every one of you had an amazing holiday season!  Here on the blog — it’s good to be back.

Here are the first few things I’m loving for 2013…

Because everyone else is sharing salads and kale chips… kit kat cheesecake bars and cookie shakes.

Oregon obvs — One more year!

I know the holidays are over, but I just love this little gathering so much I had to share.

2012 favorites from This is Our Jam.

An Illustrator how-to.

A few super cool e-course suggestions.

And if you’re looking for e-courses, this one looks pretty amazing too.

It’s an older DIY but I’m dying to do this.

(Now where to put the chair?)

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