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Warby Parker winter try-on

warby winter home try-on // a thousand threads
Picking out new glasses is sort of like getting your hair cut… on one hand, you sort of know what looks good.

But then there was that time when you really thought your new do was killing it, and then someone pointed to the party in the back…

Sometimes you just can’t tell.

That’s why I love Warby Parker so much. You can bring 5 pairs home and settle in… live with them for a while before you buy. And if you’re really crazy like me, you can post pictures on the internet and ask your friends for an early critique…

Recently I had the opportunity to partner up with the Warby team on another home try-on, and I’ve been so excited to ask all of you… what do you think?

Is there one pair you like best?

… any mullets in the crowd?

You know there’s no way I could pick them myself.

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Fall favorites with Joules

fall favorites with joules // a thousand threads

Something about fall always makes me want to start new – clean out the closets, buy a new planner, and especially update my wardrobe. Maybe it’s because no matter how long I’m out of school, I still feel like the first big day is on its way, or maybe it’s because I know the cold hard winter is lurking just around the bend…

Whatever the case, my wish list always seems to be extra long in the fall. So I’ve teamed up with the awesome British brand Joules to bring you a few of my current favorites.

… maybe some sweet person will add them to my Christmas list.

1 // I can never have enough quilted jackets, and I love the deep blue and big pockets on this one.
2 // These Mazama mugs would be perfect for curling up with a cup of cocoa.
3 // Speaking of essentials, this leather tote is everything.
4 // I’m dying for a few new dresses, and this one is perfect for fall.
5 // This perfume is scented with notes of honeyed rose, peonies, dark green tuberose, and tea… does it get any better than that?
6 // I’m not usually one for literal interpretations of the seasons… but this vintage bracelet is definitely an exception I’d be happy to make for fall.


How to take a super professional headshot for your super serious job

// how to take a super professional headshot for your super serious job // a thousand threads
A recent invitation to speak made it all too clear that my professional headshot was starting to look a little worse for wear. So Mark and I pulled out the camera, and now my professional Twitter and LinkedIn pages are all shiny and new.

But the process wasn’t easy, so I thought I’d share a little bit a tutorial here. Read on to see how we pulled it off…

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Happy 4th!

happy 4th of july // a thousand threads
Hope you have an amazing long weekend. Light a sparkler for me!


52 dates // 25

52 dates // a thousand threads
The date // A late birthday dinner down south.

On Saturday, still dazed from our 12am return from Alt and 6am swim team wake-up call the next morning, I’d just ordered Chinese and settled into a zombie-like state on the couch when Mark — slowly, carefully, so as not to provoke the tired beast — proposed an adventure.

And hey, who am I to turn down an adventure?

Or, more accurately, who am I to turn down an adventure that involves food?

We’ve wanted to visit The Shack for months now, and haven’t had the time to make the 3 hour drive down to Staunton. But given that we pretty much forgot to celebrate that whole birthday thing (and let’s be honest, Father’s Day before it) we were overdue for a little party.

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European style from The Likes of Us

european wish list // likes of us for a thousand threads
BULY 1803 // A.P.C. coin pouch // Dieppa Restrepo loafers // Equipment Blouse // Illesteva Sunglasses

Hello all! Just checking in from a lovely second day in Salt Lake to wish you a beautiful week! And also to introduce you to the first of a few amazing ladies who will be filling in for me while I’m away. Alecia just came back from an insanely beautiful trip through Europe, and she has some incredible things to share. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you all back here on Monday!

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52 dates // 21

52 dates // a thousand threads
The date // Memorial Day at the beach

This Monday we packed up the car for a quick day trip to the beach. The drive is only about 3 hours each way, but lately life has been so busy that we’ve found it hard to make it out — so we knew just what we wanted to do with our holiday.

The weather was perfect, the beach was beautiful, and to make it all just that much better, on the way down we downloaded a book we’ve both been meaning to start (okay it’s Game of Thrones, what can I say?) and took turns reading chapters to each other while we lazed in the sun. It was just the relaxing holiday we both needed.

Now I’m happy to be back so we can catch up! Tell me, did you do anything special to celebrate?

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52 dates // 19

// 52 dates // a thousand threads
The date // Mother’s Day dinner at the Wine Kitchen.
The food // Tuna tartar tacos, fresh herb rolls, fried green tomatoes, cheesesteak fries and a french dip sandwich (we shared a little bit of it all).
The wine // A bottle of Sledgehammer Cabernet, Peter Gabriel would be proud.

As a stepmom, I’m never quite sure what to do with Mother’s Day. It’s not the same kind of huge celebration, but it’s certainly not nothing, either, and while I don’t feel like I can demand any big hoopla, it really is nice to be recognized in some small way.

Luckily, Mark always knows just what to do to make me feel special. This year, even though with so much going on I was sure we wouldn’t go out, he surprised me with dinner at our favorite place. We sat outside on a night that felt more like summer than spring, made plans for the future, and smiled at how smart that little boy we’re raising is and how big he’s become.

We savored the special occasion, and my awkwardness melted away. We might be a less traditional family, but we’re a strong and happy one too, and I wouldn’t trade what we have for all the traditional days in the world.

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My summer makeup routine

my summer makeup routine // a thousand threads
Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, I do love the dramatic way the seasons change, all wild and wooly, with summer rushing in in the blink of an eye… and I love the pomp and circumstance that comes along with the shift.

I love putting away my sweaters and scarves, only to discover them, like new, when the seasons change again. I love moving from spice and quintessential comfort food in the winter to sweet, bright and fresh meals in the spring. And I love changing up my makeup routine… because, for me, the coming of summer means greeting a fresher and easier way of life. Maybe that’s because I work in Washington where things always seem to slow down (even when we say that they don’t) or maybe because the warm weather just makes everything move a little bit slower.

Whatever it is, I look forward to it every year.

So I thought I’d share my summer makeup routine today to start to will in the transition, because if there’s anything I’m ready for now… it’s definitely my summer skin (even if the tan I’ll surely be proud of is only a slightly darker shade of pale). I partnered with bareMinerals to share my routine because I’ve used their products for years, and love them both for the way they feel on my face and the totally natural look that they have. There’s nothing better when you want a little bit of a pared down look, and that’s just what I want when the weather gets warm.

So here we go. I won’t claim to be an expert, and I’d try to be all cool and pretend I don’t need anything to cover up my naked face, but as you’ll see below, I totally do…

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The last gasps of winter

the last gasps of winter // a thousand threads
God willing, this will be the last time you see me in such a heavy coat and scarf this year. The snow has almost melted and we’re just going to go ahead and ignore tomorrow’s forecast for 30 degrees, because today things are looking up.

It’s just a matter of time before we’re all in our bathing suits by the pool.

Which reminds me, now that vacation is over, I should probably start eating something other than bacon pralines, beignets, and creamy grits…

Do you do anything to spring clean your diet, or do you laugh in the face of that two piece that’s on its way? (Actually if you do I don’t want to hear it. Tell me your tips!)

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