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Snow Day

snow day // a thousand threadssnow day // a thousand threads
Don’t mind me — I’m just hanging out in two feet of snow! Hope you’re having fun and staying warm if you’re doing the same!


Warby Parker spring home try-on

warby parker spring home try-on / a thousand threads
So, as much as I’m warming up to the snow, let’s not pretend I’m not still counting the days until spring. I can pin those bathing suits and tropical drinks with the best of them. But you can only take so much before it starts to hurt. I don’t know about you, but I need something, anything to remind me that spring really is coming soon, now. And not just on my Pinterest.

Well the folks at Warby Parker must’ve sensed I needed a little bit of a pick-me-up when they wrote to let me know about their sunny new spring line. It’s fun and colorful and just the perfect dose of spring when we’re still stuck in the middle of these cold winter days.

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My story is written in the trees // the tattoo

my story is written in the trees / a thousand threads
So I got a tattoo of a tree… at Christmas.

We’ll just ignore that last fact.

I may decide to decorate it if things get awkward… put a little star on top, a baby Jesus by its side…

But really though, I got a tattoo of a tree. An evergreen. The kind of tree I climbed as a kid, and the kind of tree I’d spend all of my days underneath if I could. When I moved from Oregon to California, leaving my home for the first time at 18, I cried every day… I’d never lived somewhere with so few. It was all grey, no green… and even though I came around eventually, evergreens, Oregon, the outdoors… those are the things that have taken up residence on my heart, my bones, and now on my arm.

But my decision to finally take the jump and get my first tattoo goes far beyond the tree.

For a long time now, I’ve struggled with the fear of regret, sure that any truly permanent decision would result in a lifetime of agony and remorse. With this knowledge under my skin, I lived with one eye on the exit — always with a backup plan, just in case something fell through. And in a lot of ways, especially in my professional life, I still live that way. It’s something I work on all the time — but professionally, I can’t say it’s always entirely bad.

Personally, though, is another story. Personally it’s entirely bad.

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Brands that give back // Canada Goose

canada goose / a thousand threads
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned — and my new best friend.

You’ve all heard my grumbling… you know how much I hate winter. As soon as the air hits that point where it starts to fight back — burning your face just for stepping outside — that’s when I go into hibernation. You can’t drag me outside.

I’ve even been known to pass up perfectly good, fun Christmas activities because they might require me to stand in the cold for an extended period of time (how this happened, I’ll never know).

But my love for Canada Goose goes way beyond the fact that they may just be responsible for making me love winter again…

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How to wear wedge sneakers

how to wear wedge sneakers / a thousand threads
First of all, thank you for all of your well wishes these past few days! We had an amazing anniversary and I think my test went well. So far I know my scores for math and verbal. Verbal went well… and as for the math, let’s just say I’m never going to be a whiz with the numbers… but I’m okay with the results. I’m still waiting on the writing, though… and as a political science major, that’s the big one. So keep your fingers crossed! I’ll be working on my crazy-intense applications while I wait.

Our anniversary, on the other hand, was pretty close to perfect, with a relaxing day and a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. Plus freezer-burned (as my mom, who is flabbergasted as to how and why we would ever eat year-old cake) cake and a 17-year-old bottle of wine that was Mark’s first fancy bottle he ever bought, all the way back in college. The night called for something special, and I think we can safely say we did it right. I really am not sure how I ended up so lucky, but I’m grateful every day for that guy of mine who makes my life a better place.

But enough of all that, let’s talk about shoes!

What do we think of the wedge sneakers?

I’ll be honest, they’re a trend I’ve taken some time to warm up to… but I find myself loving them more and more. Especially the really retro pairs. I mean really, I love myself a good sneaker. And any excuse to add a little height to this 5’2″ monster-tall frame is more than welcome.

I’m starting to wonder why it took me this long…

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Brands that give back // Warby Parker

brands that give back / warby parker / a thousand threads
When Warby Parker reached out recently to let us know they were planning a trip to DC, I knew we’d have to stop by. Mark and I have been big fans of the brand for a long time, partly because their product is just so darn great… but also largely because a big part of their business model involves giving back.

For every pair of glasses sold, one is donated to someone in need. And this year, they hit a big milestone — half a million pairs.

That’s a whole lot of help for those in need.

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5 Fantastic Things // October

5 fantastic things october / a thousand threads

I want to remember…

1 // Almost managing to keep Mark’s birthday present a secret without dropping a single hint. (Almost.)
2 // Carving pumpkins with friends.
3 // How warm it was for such a long time. (We had a good run this year, weather… what do you say we try to do that again?)
4 // Getting back to yoga after a long break, and feeling instantly more relaxed. (Also very sore…)
5 // Working my butt off… where did this month go?

I’m looking forward to…

1 // Our first anniversary. (I can’t believe it’s almost here!)
2 // Seeing the Macy’s Day Parade in person for the very first time.
3 // Seeing Austin’s face when he sees the Macy’s Day Parade in person for the very first time.
4 // Having an excuse to watch lots and lots of Christmas movies. (What? The holidays start tomorrow, right? Where’s my tree?)
5 // Pumpkin pie.


Fall is here

orange hat & jeans / a thousand threadsorange hat & jeans / a thousand threads
The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and most evenings you can find me huddled in a corner of the couch, hiding under a pile of blankets to hold in the warmth.

… I might be the only one, it’s okay. You can call me a wimp. The only one who agrees with me in our house is the dog.

In any case, I’ve officially pulled out the hats.

… you can’t see it, but a certain down-filled coat might’ve also made its first appearance that day.

Too soon?

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That’s That

bangs / a thousand threadsbangs / a thousand threads
I have bangs! They came with the fall and the sweaters and the flannel sheets.

… finally.


Bangs or No Bangs

bangs or no bangs / a thousand threads
I do this every time… I get seduced by the perfect bangs that others (ahem… Alexa) are somehow able to pull off and I think hey, maybe I can do it too! I’ve already got the side bangs…

Misguided thoughts? What do we think? Should I go for it?

Bangs or no bangs.

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